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I have just come across this this past week, and am moved to share it with all I come across, not to insult anyone by any means, but to share with those who could use a little help through what has been difficult economic times for a great many people across the nation, Even those on food stamps or other means of assist can benefit, and there is no income limit so all can participate who choose to. If you are currently without economic challenges...perhaps reading this you will be moved to help others less fortunate than you in these rough times.

www.angelfoodministries.com is a program that offers high quality food at a greatly discounted price, even if it isn't something you necessarily need, perhaps you have an elderly neighbor who would benefit greatly from the program and you could offer to do the running for them...you would be shocked how far a smile and a genuine expression of concern can go for a person who oft times goes without because it is easier to say that you do not know how to help than to make an actual effort to be there for these people, I believe less people would be in nursing homes or indignant if we as Americans simply had a better sense of both family and community. I challenge anyone reading this to reach out to your fellow human being...regardless of age, race, religeous preference, income level or any of the countless other insignificant details that seperate us one from another...bypass those differences and make a friend...I doubt you will regret it at the end of the day.

Enough of my rambling...have a great day and thanks to whoever reads this and lets it touch them in some way:)

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Comment by Sarge! on August 17, 2009 at 8:51pm
Amanda we also have been using Angel Food for over a year. It's been a Godsend as we have slashed our monthly food bill of over $1000 to around $520 for a family of four. If things get worse we've made plans to cut it to almost $250 per month. All Angel Food.
Comment by Mary on August 16, 2009 at 7:23pm
Thank you Amanda, this is great!........I'm very happy you have shared this with many others........for it doesn't matter who we are.....we all have difficult....times.....so every little bit helps.......as one who uses Angel Food
Ministries....I can say in all honestly.....it has been a gift from above.....and a Blessing too!.......



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