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September 2009 Blog Posts (130)

Free Lawrence G Hutchins


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My Favorite Chileans

Dean Claudio Grossman, American University Law School (and a former research fellow! -- yes, I know about those research fellows)

Otto Kernberg, MD, past president, International Psychoanalytical Association

Claudio Arrau, pianist

During the summer of 1972, if I recall correctly, I saw Claudio Arrau perform the Brahms first piano concerto with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Robin Hood Dell in Fairmount Park. The orchestra performed the Beethoven seventh… Continue

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September 2, 1939

In London... Throughout the day there are frantic talks about how to oppose Germany. The British Parliament is openly opposed to the passive line that the Chamberlain government is taking and in the evening, the Cabinet decides to present an ultimatum to Germany. The National Service Act is passed, allowing for the conscription of all men aged 19-41.

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So many uncomfortable questions

I have a love of the difficult, the impossible questions. When people are deadly serious about a subject, they argue carefully, avoiding the triggering of issues they don't want to deal with. It becomes more important to affect the change we have committed to, rather than discuss it any further. The details get lost in the generalization of "for" and "against". I see this in health care, in the level of frustration at inaction.

People in favor of Obama's plan don't like to bring up… Continue

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Here no evil, see no evil, speak no evil....?

Whats up?...I left a comment on a certain blog. Some owners of blogs check their comments before approving them. Whats the point of a one sided blog? Whatcha gunna learn?. How can we gain truth and understanding if we pick and choose what we listen to and who's blogs we post? It just so happened my blog post was thoughtful and in no way would have hurt anyone.

My viewpoint may be different, but I hoped it would be helpful to some in the understanding of why someone might be tougher… Continue

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September 1, 1939

The Chopin Polonaise in A-flat major playing endlessly on the radio in Warsaw . . . waves of Stuka dive bombers . . . fleeing refugees . . . fighting street by street and inch for inch


The following is from the BBC.

1939: Germany invades Poland

German forces have invaded Poland and its planes have bombed Polish cities, including the capital, Warsaw.

The attack comes without any warning or declaration of… Continue

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How I Scammed the Social Security Administration With The Help Of Nicole Rafanello

Acting. It's an amazing craft, don't you think? How do those actors pull it off? Actors, really good actors, that is, project such incredible credibility. Outstanding actors, those few who can fool all the people all the time, are able to portray widely divergent roles with convincing ease.

The following is my audition tape for the lead role in "The Enraged Psychopath." What's interesting is that before I did the audition, Dr. Bash was always trying to get me to go back to work.… Continue

Added by Gary Freedman on September 1, 2009 at 1:01pm — 1 Comment

Whatever Happened to Tracy Middendorf's Husband?

I once went to dinner with Jesse Raben and Tracy Middendorf's husband, Franz. Franz asked me: "The last time you went on a date, was it with a girl or a guy?" I said: "It was with a hermaphrodite." Jesse Raben said: "Hermaphrodites. They fuck and they are fucked."

By the way, the meal was tres formidable.

For inquiring minds who are interested in the details, you can follow Franz Wisner on Twitter:…


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Lunch for Bernie

I used to work at The Franklin Institute Research Laboratories in Philadelphia. I worked for a man named Bernie Epstein. Maybe once or twice a week he'd ask me to go out and get him lunch. The requests were short on repertory.

He would either ask me to go to the Kennedy House, an apartment building in downtown Philadelphia that had a deli on the street level or The New Franklin, which was around the corner from The Franklin Institute.

If he sent me to the Kennedy House,… Continue

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