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Good morning!  Happy Sunday!  I just woke up, and I can't believe I slept in this late. . . *where's that tea?*

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I still only have one eye open . . geez. I never sleep in like this. Thanks Doug, you have a good day too. . .
Good morning, everyone! I am off to fix breakfast.
Always, Bear! You have a great day too.
Good morning, Moosie!
Good Morning {{{Cat}}}} and company. It looks like another nice day today. Weather prediction is great early on and raining later. We are hoping for the rain to start around 3....just in time to kick back and watch a few football games..LOL
Good morning all! I hope I'm not out of line showing off grandchildren. I took this yesterday morning with my new "easyshare Kodak" camera but couldn't figure out how to share. lol

The "easyshare kodak camera's" are very easy if you follow directions " to share; hand camera to your child, grandkid or any teenager walking down the street".LOL
You're exactly right Robert.
Good morning everyone. I have been up for a while and had a lovely breakfast. A bacon sandwich on one piece of bread, a blueberry muffin, a banana and two very large cups of coffee. Now I am going to take a nap. Crap, the coffee will keep me awake.
Good Afternoon, Daily Grinders!! it' s good to be able to post something and see it show up! Have a great day ya'll~~~~~
Hi again everyone. . . a slow moving day for me. .




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