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Where did you go when first came to TBD? My first place funny enough was the Original Welcome Lounge. I spent about 2/3 months chatting and getting my feet wet, then I kind of popped all over.

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On the original TBD I just stayed on the main page. I liked the set up with the discussions and question and answer right there. I later found a few groups that I like but always came back to the Main Page.
Hi Pickle. Thanks for coming by. Yeah, back at TBD1 I stayed there on the main page as well, and that was where The Welcome Lounge was, and kind of is again.
On TBD1 I was all over the place. Main page? I did not know we had one. LOL--I just come here to relax and have fun in a couple sites. Have found some nice folks here.
I rarely went anywhere but the Welcome Lounge except to look around. I felt like the Welcome Lounge was the sun room on my house.
Jackie - I just glanced at "popped" and read "pooped" LOL! Really! What month and year did you join? I joined July 12th '08 - hard to believe it's been more than a year 1/2 already!

I got right into "Tough Questions & Answers" a.k.a. "The War Room" *chuckle* and got myself into trouble right from day one! Then - I needed a place to lick my wounds so I went to hang out at the bar in the Welcome Lounge - Monica's Bar - oh it was fun! From there I really branched out!
When I first arrived, I headed for the Q & A when it was on the front page. I'd always check there first because of the constant shenanigans. I still check it quite often! The shenanigans have never stopped. Fun group.
I came in on Nov.3rd 2008, my Mom had been here since Sept/Oct. of 2007 and had told me about it. I am actually "Pooped" right now so I am off. Nite folks, again; a great opening today. Thank-you.
Thanks Jack, for all your work on this!
Thank you, Jack!
Hey! It looks great! Awesome job J Lee. When I first joined TBD, it was very early on. I lurked a little then didn't return for months! Then I came back and lurked a lot...started posting in the Online Dating group and Tough Questions. Joined a women's group. Lurked some in the STG. Once I started posting, I was all over the place, lol. I've only recently began participating In the Q & A group and love it there as well. I hope everyone new has a great experience here. At first one can feel a little like an outsider but the key, I think, is to just start stating your opinion on things that interest you or strike a chord. If you just be yourself, you'll enjoy it and people will respond to you. Enjoy!
I will admit that the first group I joined was STG. I honestly thought it was the "Sewing Together Group"....boy was I shocked and dismayed...for about 10 seconds...lol! I was in "Stitches" from the word go and then I discovered how truly wonderful and ensightful the members of Maria's family was. I have stayed with my group and branched out to others during my time here on TBD. I think I have shown the other groups that I am not just a "sex object". I also have a brain and a sense of humor.....lol! Now ladies would you please look me in the eyes.....!!!!
Well I started out in the Welcome Lounge and the Daily Grind then started my first group The Invisibles. We were a really close group of people. We were all sad when the old site closed, happy to see our friends come over to the new site and really miss the ones who didn't come. But we are making new friends, great meets and we can chat with each other on this site. J you and Diana are the greatest for bringing this back to us, it is going to be just like old times plus.




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