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Can you grill it?

Just got to wondering.....

                                      What's the deal with grilling being  the guy's job?

Some men I know can't cook water and yet they are expected to go and grill the steak?   What's with that?  Is there some secret class you fellas take?  

Also...what's with carving the turkey?  I'm sure you guys will fill me in...

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Ya think???
*didn't post PA...:-(*

There is something about an open fire that makes us think we can cook whether we can or not. Goes back to the cave man days when we drug a woman home by the hair, killed a furry beast bare-handed and cooked it over a fire pit.....fur and all.

As for carving a turkey......I wouldn't know where to start.

Try again, I think this expalins things pretty well

My how times have changed. I suspect that Ward wouldn't be too popular today ;-)
LMAO!!!!  We've come a long way, baby!!

The grillling thing doesn't bother me so much...they can absorb all that charcoal smell [there goes that "girl" thing again]


What I don't understand is the tools? Most men I know I know have tools upon tools upon tools--cabinets full. What are they doing with all of those?


A number of years ago my brother came rushing in the back door of my Mom's house with a big smile on his face and said, "I'm so glad you guys are here, come to the garage and see what I bought." I thought for certain, that given his excitement level, it was a new car.

Nope...a power saw.

We love tools....mostly power tools, noisy power tools. Stuff we can fix things with, get our hands dirty, make stuff. I've spent nearly fifty years collecting tools, some I may have used only once, but it was there when i needed it. Tools define some men. They become extensions of ourselves.



Oh, God.....I left that door open didn't I???

Speaking of leaving things open...

Why can't you all shut the drawer after you open it, or close the cabinet door? What's up with that?

That's why we have ya'll......gee what a surprise!!!!




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