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The ads in the back of comic books from "back in the day", of course. Stuff you never knew existed, but just had to have once you saw 'em.

When I was about 13 or 14, i paid twenty-five cents for a pamplet titled "How to Kiss Girls." I watched the mail box like a hawk for the next few weeks so I could intercept what i was sure to be some "hot" reading materials before either of my parents saw it. Sure enough, I did see it first and saved my butt from certain near death punishment. Don't even remember what the secret to kissing girls was, but I think I finally learned on my own....:-D

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Wow.....you got good eyes, Dottie!!!
I always wanted those x-ray vision glasses.....for nefarious purposes. I never got a pair....I don't know why.

Oh, and I also liked the Sears Catalog, for the womens' underwear ads. That was from about age 12 to 15. My dad worked at Sears, and his good friend Bob Titus ran the Catalog Department. I believe Bob liked the catalog too, but for different reasons.
I thought I took a big enough chance ordering the "Kiss Girls" book,so I stayed away from the x-ray glasses.
Yeah, the Sears catalog was the precurser to Playboy...
Funny Surprised and Shocked Black Spider Monkey Animal Picture
animal-picture.jpg[/img]" target="_blank">Always wanted a Spider monkey from the back pages of Boy's life magazine back in the day. Can you imagine how traumatised those monkey's must have been by the time you got them in the mail? Never did get one and just as well for the animal.
When I was a kid we would go to my grandmothers house and she did not have indoor plumbing. The Sears and Roebuck Catalog was always found in the outhouse being used for a purpose for which it was not intended.

Here ya go Stir...You can probably still get them....Might cost a bit more these daze.....!
LOL! That is priceless! Or at least its worth more than a buck! I love that guy's "light'nin' ogle"! I wonder how many 12 year old boys agonized over purchasing that item?

This might be better....good luck to you....!
Maybe you can hypnotize Snagg's frogs.
Another classic! LMAO!
I've got a link to one at another site, but it's a classic 50's "It's-All-The-Woman's-Fault" ad, in very bad modern taste, and with some pretty frank commentary...




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