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Did you feel the earthquake today?

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My first thought was, "how did the dog get in the house, come upstairs and bump my chair?. Then I realized her 8 pounds wouldn't move anything.
Then, I thought my 250 year house might be falling down so I ran downstairs. Then I heard sirens so I thought maybe something exploded somewhere.
Then I thought, "Earthquake"? No, couldn't be...

It felt really, really odd.
I've never felt an earthquake.

Wow.  Did your knees get shaky? 

Did the puppy know something was up?

It was felt in my building here in MI but we are so close to the x-way I didn't notice!   My water bottle always has vibration rings in it.

What an experience it must have been.

I was sitting in my chair, no knee issues :-)
It was kind of like a dizzy feeling, but different. I can't really explain it, but it was a little scary. I couldn't imagine experiencing a real one!

The pup did...when I came downstairs, she was outside on the porch, she had burrowed under her pillow.

My head. Are we every going to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq? Will the Yankees ever find pitching?


Are they looking in Philadelphia?
Not that we'd give you any, but that's where the pitching is :-)

They couldn't seem to buy Lee when he went out to field his services but in general they just need to open the pocketbook a little wider. Most of us can be bought. I think the Giants get overlooked too despite their hitting woes.



They reluctantly let Lee go so they could get Halladay.
Apparently Lee and his wife liked Philadelphia so much money wasn't the biggest deciding factor. Lucky us.
I am not a National League fan but I am glad to see the Phils do so well after such long droughts, particularly the 60's and 70's. I remember they lost a heart breaking pennant race to the 64 Cardinals. I think  it was Gene managing and Richie Allen the temperamental slugger was also on that team. That team in 93 wasn't bad but they ran into Dave Stewart, Dave Winfield, and Paul Molitor that year.

The 93 team was the one that got me watching baseball. If nothing else, they were fun...

The Braves have some amazing young pitchers. They may be back.




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