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......and I'm wondering if I should start on one of my least favorite household chores......washing windows.


Should I quit whining, and just get to it?


How would you proceed with this task?


Do you wash your windows often enough that it really isn't any big deal?

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I hate to wash windows. But I have to do it fairly often because I have a lot of little spiders who like to build tiny nests in each corner of the panes. They are messy eaters. So it pays to discourage them.

Maybe I should train them to wash the windows.

Uh, Chez, I don't think that spider mess is from messy eating, I think its messy you-know-what, eminating from the other end.
As long as I can see out of them they are okay. I think they were last washed professionally in 2003. That was before my wife got sick and she liked clean windows.
I'm with you, PA, its just that my long time crony Bigsy is bringing his wife up here in a couple of weeks, to stay the night. After she checks out my house, I'm afraid Bigsy's wife won't ever let him come back here! I'd hate to lose him as a crony.
Well, see Ning scheduled a shut-down at just the right time. Use that time to wash windows. I simply spray the windows down good with a soapy water mixture and then spray hell out of 'em. Gets kinda messy doing the inside panes, but it will dry ....eventually.
Ah, good thinking Bob re: the Ning shutdown....I wish I'd thought of that! I have finished one window inside so far, but will run the garden hose inside the house to try your method for the remaining ones. Then I'll move the operation outdoors to continue.
Yeah...do the inside first so it can begin the drying process while you're outside. Soon as the outside is finished, be sure to open the windows......you'll have less trouble with mold and mildew inside if you let in some air...
UPDATED PLAN OF ACTION: It seems like a waste of time to do windows that Bigsy's wife probably won't look out from. Accordingly, I see no reason to clean the windows in my bedroom, or those in the laundry room. Perhaps I should call them to find out an ETA. If they're showing up after dark I may be able to abort the whole mission.
I like your way of thinking...
Paint them all black. Problem solved.
Just close all the curtains. Tell them you like the ambience.
Do you have curtains?




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