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I spent an hour and some watching a movie....good cast...good premise.
I should have walked away 10min into this....


If you were at the theater, paying $10-12 a ticket....if the film was a total dog...would you have asked for a refund?

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Well, sorry, but I bailed out of your movie just a few seconds into the prelude ad. I was thinkin' it might be a chick flick coming up. I'd probably not ask for my money back if I paid to see it. I'd never go to a movie by myself anymore, and if I was on a date, I probably wouldn't have any say in what the choice was anyway. ~sigh~.....such is the way in love and lust.
I guess if I divide my Comcast bill it would probably be <$1....c'est la vie. It was still a stinker. :-)
The rest of the world seems to love her, but when I see "Jennifer Aniston" I move on...Loved her on Friends, not so much in movies.

I've never asked for a refund, but I have left a few movies.
I remember one movie that was so bad it became comical. The rest of the theater was in tears and I was laughing into my sweater uncontrollably...
Oh, Quinny, I am with you on JA. (I never could get into 'Friends', though having it dubbed in French probably took the edge off, too.) I think I could turn off the sound on this clunker and just enoy the gorgeous views of Seattle, which seems to be the star...

*though I understand that problem of making connections with impossible men*

(And if I hadn't been with friends, and going to dinner after, I would have walked out on Woody Allen's 'Cassandra's Dream', arguably the worst film I've ever paid to see.)
Allow me to go on the record, speaking as a one hundred per cent red-blooded American male who has never been in the slightest impressed with, nor attracted to, Ms. Aniston.
She strikes me as a textbook example of ambition, determination, business savvy and god knows what behind-the-scenes maneuvering, succeeding over looks or any particular acting talent. The essence of "Good Enough" or "Competent"; Never "Exceptional" or "Inspirational". Maybe "Reliable" is the word I'm looking for.
Whew! I thought it was just me!

*but what do I know, I can't stand Brad Pitt either*
That makes three of us now, I can sleep easier tonight---I thought I was the only one!
Bonne nuit, Quinny!
I agree with Chez about Seattle being the star of this film.

Major films never seem to live up to their hype for me. I don't go often and when I do it is deliberately. I don't mind not being the first of my acquaintance to see a film. It will be there to be seen when I choose to if I choose to.

"Friends" was a television series that helped me get through my separation from my daughters when they were teaching in Japan for five years. It was just like having them home with their funny friends around all the time.

I like to watch independent films "on demand" on television. Or Netflix. It is so not worth it to go out to a theater these days. Unless I am trying to get a break from the weather.
We just got back from seeing Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. It was pretty good but not as good as the original Wall Street.
Watched "Up in the Air".....worth the cable bill.
Somewhat disturbing but appropriate for the time.





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