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As a take off from Miss Q's thread, tell us what you would wait in line for......say at least one hour?


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An audience with the First Lady.

Oh....Aretha Franklin??

Not much.

I've heard it said that the folks who will stand in line are at the last of the alphabet.  They've had to be last all their lives and don't want to it anymore if they can help it!

Oh, I'd stand in line at least an hour and a half to get autographs from the Jersey Shore guidettes......and an hour for a Bristol signature.

I wouldn't wait any longer than 45 minutes for an autograph from funes....maybe 50 minutes if the line seemed to moving fairly quickly.

To get on the plane to go to the Pittsburgh meet. That's because I've already paid for my tickets.
LJ, Check out Moosies Crossing Refugees.
I'm drawing a blank, don't be too shocked.
Free stuff.
Depending on what it was.
An hour would be the absolute max tho...
For me a good....I mean real good steak. Or maybe tickets to see St. Willie.

That's good thinking about the food, Bob. I'd stand in line that long for special food or some exceptional freebies.

Takes me back to video gaming days when I stood in line with my son for the latest greatest title. Yes, the good old days when the sale started at midnight.

A smidgen of Snagg's homemade key lime pie. ( I've been an addict ever since he mentioned it on TBD. I demand it on my birthdays, ask restaurant personnel if it is on their dessert list immediately after I am seated, and will bolt from holiday celebrations if I do not see evidence of its glistening goodness. )

In Germany in 1977 or 1978 My wife and sons stood in line from noon until around 5:00pm to see "StarWars". I joined them around 4:00pm. It was showing at a small theater at Landsthul. The line was made up entirely of Americans who had arrived in Germany prior to the movies release in the states. It was the original with English not German language. The people who operated the theater were completly overwhelmed.  Finely got the movie started about 7:00. The crowd settled down and I think everybody was happy with the movie. I know my family and friends were.

One of those great family memories that didn't seem so great at the time, but got better with each telling.




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