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  I think the leader of north korea (kim jong un) is just one of those fat bully guys

who are always threatening to wallop people but would break out in tears if someone actually

slapped him. Kim has threatened the U.S. with a nuclear warhead but I'm sure he knows

full well that we could wipe out his entire country with the push of a button. The question is;

Why is the press trying to prepare us for a potential war? Do we need to have a new war

just to unite the citizens of the U.S. with a common enemy?

 What is your opinion about all of this?

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Small man with big missiles complex.  He's a brat. Reminds me of my first husband who used to tell me that it turned him on if I was hysterical. He was always trying to flip me out. They're about the same mentality, I'd say. Twenty bucks says he's standing there with platform heels on. Other than that we live in a nuclear age where the next and the next and the next situation is only a matter of time.

Hi Merry,

You are absolutely correct. Ya know what though, I read an article that his blustering this way is an effort

to get the U.S. to promise him billions in aid is exchange for his canceling north koreas missel  program.

I sure hope obama doesn't agree to that. In my opinion, that would be like loosing. Like Kim won.  I would be extremely pissed if that happened.

Whatever decision is ultimately made as to how to deal with it, I find it hard to gage whether or not it's the right one. They don't tell us enough to know. But I think that when Cheney says we're in it deep that it's just a matter of time before the technology is there for someone self destructive like that's missile to hit anywhere.




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