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What is the difference between roasting and baking?


from www.thereluctantgourmet.com...

Your recipe for roast loin of pork says to roast in a 350 degree F. oven. Your recipe for yellow butter cake says to bake in a 350 degree F. oven. For either recipe, you open the oven and put your food in. So, is there a difference between baking and roasting?

The short answer is “No.”

But it really isn’t as simple as all that. Baking and roasting are both dry heat cooking methods. This just means that heat is not transferred through a liquid medium during the cooking process. In modern times, we assume that baking and roasting both occur in ovens.

By Definition

Joy of Cooking defines roasting as a specialized type of baking.Roasting is almost always done in an open pan; that is, the food to be roasted is uncovered. Often, when roasting meat, you place it on a rack so it doesn’t sit in its own juices as it roasts. The rack serves as a suspension system whereby the meat is “suspended” in the oven over a pan (shades of spit roasting in days of yore).

There also seems to be a convention associated with the terms “bake” and “roast.” Although the two identify almost identical cooking techniques, in the modern kitchen anyway, “baking” is most generally associated with breads, cakes, pies and casseroles while “roasting” is what you do to meat or vegetables.

Roasting often starts at a higher temperature to create a “crust” on the outside of what is being roasted. Then, the temperature is reduced for the remainder of the cooking time. 


WOW!!! I've been losing sleep for years trying to find the answer to this question.

Do trees really fall in the forest if no one is around to hear them?



Who left the door open to this thread? Bob got in.


I'm very persistant.....always find a way.
Is there a question in there, Bob?
Ok....why am I so persistant???

What do I do? I have friends who drink and post online in fb and it's getting well ya know maybe too earthy for me.



Am I a prude???? or are they buzzed and behaving badly. How do I handle this? I like / love these guys and I KNOW that they are good folks. I'm trying to fit in BUT you know I think it's alright to be me.

Always be you.....it's better that way.

Sometimes it takes most of a lifetime to figure that out, but it's never too late. You fit fine here.

No, you're not a prude, Merry. And I don't mean to get too earthy in my posts on fb when I've had too much to drink. Just call me or post something right behind it when I do that & I'll try to dial it back a bit.

Merry, you are not a prude.

It's just that d's is  a little...well, I better not be calling her names...she make start drunk dialing me and that could be really ugly :-))


Seriously, everyone draws a line at what they are comfortable with. There isn't anything wrong with that, don't question yourself.

Where should I start?

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