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We Bad!!!!..........and not in a good way!

Wish P.A. a happy belated birthday

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Yes, a very Happy Birthday to you, P.A........you're one of my favorite people around here!  Be forewarned, P.A.......you're on my bucket list of people to meet in real life.  

A very happy birthday to you P.A. !

Happy Birthday P. A. Sorry it's a little late, but your allowed to still be partying. 

Happy Birthday P.A.

Thank you all. Great looking cake Bob.

Stir I would love to meet you too and hang out in your wonderful area.

Thank you too Joella.

Thanks TeeBub, it means a lot coming from the a native of Cumberland Furnace, TN. There aren't that many of us.

Thank you too Faye.

Happy B-lated B-day....:-)  I hope you are well honored by those who love you.

Happy belated Birthday!

Thanks Jaylee and Aggie

Happy belated Birthday, P.A.!  Hope it was a good one!


Happy Birthday! (Click Me)

Having to outdo everyone else, I decided to be TWO days late wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday P.A.

Thanks Slim




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