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Just a curiousity, no diognosis here. Do you frequently dream about the same people or circumstances? For example, I often dream of two girls that I haven't seen or spoken to in more than 15 years. No, they are not sex dreams but just very pleasant. How about you?

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poor baby Prunella. I usually love my dreams and do my best to remember them in the morning.
Are you comfortable telling us what those dreams are about Quinn? The recurring dreams I mean.
Quinn, I think that your recurring dream is an indicator that you eat too much head cheese before hitting the sack.
Try Scotch, Quinn, maybe it's the drink of choice that's the problem.
I had a really nice Scotch the other night & had no problems w/dreams at all.
Of course, that was after 2 glasses of wine before dinner.
And I was spending the night w/the love of my life.
Oh, & I don't often remember my dreams & rarely have disturbing dreams.
Never mind.
is this the house, Quinn?

(I bought this photo several months ago, simply b/c it spoke to me. Maybe it was channeling through me to you '-)
I like what you've done with the place.
If there very pleasant, they could be sex dreams. But then, you woke up, I get it. LOL
I usually forget my dreams when I wake up but I remember last night's for some reason. It was a recurring toast dream. The toaster just kept popping up with toast ever though I did not put any bread in. That is all.
...I had a recurring dream between the ages of about 5 and 17. In the dream, I had married a blonde woman who worked at specific building in the downtown area, an actual building that exists in the real world, directly next to an equally-real set of railroad tracks, and I worked about five blocks away at another building. I knew what her building looked like, but I never knew how mine appeared.
In the dream, it's always a beautiful day and I'm always walking over to her building to have lunch with her, and as I approach the railroad tracks, I saw a group of people gathered in a small crowd. I pushed my way through the crowd and there was a child, boy or girl (it changed from dream to dream), usually around the age of 5 or 6, with their ankle trapped in the railroad tracks - And there was a train approaching.
Everybody in the crowd was freaking out, screaming "DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING, SOMEBODY!!!", but nobody did anything. So I grabbed the kid, told him/her "This might hurt" and yanked on their leg until their foot came free, with the train right on top of us. I then try to leap to safety, but I don't quite make it. The child was always saved, scared but intact, but I always lost some part of one of MY legs, ranging anywhere from a foot to about mid-thigh.

I had this dream about twice a month for 12 or 13 years, and then I never had it again.So, imagine my delight when I married a blonde woman, and a few years after we married her office picked up and moved to the exact building in the dream. And about two years after that, my agency built and moved to a brand spanking new building, about six blocks away from my then-wife's building, and she was always wanting me to walk over and have lunch with her on nice days.

I'm not much of a believer in omens or destiny, but I was a nervous wreck for a few years there. Fortunately (for more than that reason), we divorced and I hardly ever have any cause to go near that spot.
Wow! Perhaps your worlds intersected...

There is a philosophical theory that questions reality [what a surprise :-)], but it asks--how do we know that our dreams are not the "real world" and the existence that we think is "real" is in fact our dream world...
That is way too deep for me.....makes my head hurt..
Quinn, I think that branch of philosophy is called hallucinogens.




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