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Do you think Larry is coming to Texas to buy velcro shoes?

It is tax free weekend in Texas. I figure we will be invaded by people buying underwear, velcro shoes and size 36 pants.

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It is good time to buy Larry his Christmas presents while they are tax free.

He will be coming here to buy a pair of custom made western boots.

Velcro shoes? Pshaw!!!!

Don't they make velco western boots? I am pretty sure I saw some of those on Rich Perry the other day.
That's possible......along with a choir robe.
must be under hundred dollars

You got that right, Aggie!!! LMAO!!! Velcro western boots!!! LOL


I'll put Larry on the 1st flight out!!!

I think Larry would like these.


No doubt about it, TBub!!! LOL
If they came in my size, so would I!  :-D
LOL... Especially when winter arrives, right???  :)

I've never understood why anyone would want to wear pointy toed shoes unless they were intending to put thier feet in stirrups. Most cowboy boots today have walking heels. What is the reason for the pointy toes?


For sure, Kittycat!




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