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No! I don't mean dropped in the toilet. Although many of my friends have had that problem. I mean, Do you talk on your cell phone while in the toilet? Do you initiate calls while there? Will you answer your phone while there?

Don't blame me for this question. JayLee and Stir caused me to ask this question.

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No,No,No. Wait, in public or at home? I have different rules for each.

No, No, and No. I don't have different rules being public or private.

OH... well if you call Robbie, I'll make an exception.

NO..No..No....I rarely use it.....
Generally speaking, when my cell phones rings, I want to throw it IN the toilet. Does that count?
You rarely use the toilet? That seems odd...
The situation has never arisen....yet.


My friend Lori does though. I hang up as soon as I realize where she is...


Jackie? Why is public different from private? Same gross factor, don't ya think?

I only have a land line for my computer for my DSL. My cell is my main phone and I am job hunting so if I am spending time in the "library" I will take my phone with me. Very rarely, but I have. I have never taken or placed calls while in public loos though. I will cut a call short or not answer if I am at a register with a service person as well. Chatting while somebody is trying to help you seems so rude to me.
No cell phones in the toilet in public at all!!!! There is one exception at home....just one. :=)
A friend of mine dropped her cell phone in the toliet and flushed away rather than even trying to retrieve it. I don't think she was actually making a call but it just fell out of her pocket.

Do NOT blame me for this potty talk.....blame Stir, all the way.  :-D

Very dicey to take the mobile into the bathroom.   Is there ANY call to take/continue while heeding a 'nature call'?  In this day of 'free anywhere/anytime', I think not.   Well, maybe if of a very urgent nature and one is oh so careful and has an earplug...and the receiving end is a really close friend.   Then you can even flush!

lol Jaylee!


Okay, honestly... very rarely, but there have been times... when I'm on a call & just cannot wait any longer, and haven't wanted to end the call. sigh.... I'm not sure I'm liking these true confessions. =-p




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