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I 've been around a while.  Learned to crawl, walk, run.  Ride a bike and roller skate.

I've had my share of boo-boos too.  Never broke a big bone but fractured my nose once and had a fractured rib....results of good fun gone awkward.

I've had stitches here and there from surgery but none  needed from slicing a bagel or chopping veggies...or playing mumblypeg.

So I was thinking...every scar has a story.  Can you recall how you got that one on your knee or the back of your arm...What were you doing?   Where you afraid to tell Mom?



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I have a small scar on the right side of my face, next to my mouth, where a friend accidentally shot me with a BB gun at around the age of fourteen. I stood there for a few seconds, then went to the bathroom and squeezed the BB out like a giant blackhead. Doused the wound with hydrogen peroxide, put on a band-aid and made up a story about jabbing myself with the point of a compass. Never had any problems from it.
Do emotional scars count?
No, I am sure well all have way too many of those at our age.
I suppose you're right....in that case all I can report is a now faint 3 stitch scar across the knuckle on my right index finger, caused by a block of wood jammed and stuck in the ramp of one of those old fashioned metal toy gas stations.  Sharp edges were allowed back in those days.  My folks didn't think to sue over the incident, and I never felt compelled to try the same unjamming manuever again.
Nope....deal with 'em.

I have three massive scars. The worst one is on the back of my right thigh from a brown recluse spider bite back in 1973. Twenty eight days in the hospital with talk of amputation. Good thing I was heavily drugged or I would have gone crazy. It was the worst pain I have ever had.

I also have nice scars on both knees from the replacements 18 months ago. Piece of cake compared to the spider bite.

Holy cow.....I have a couple scars from bites...One of the scars on my leg has weird skin on top & is still  soft & painful to push on it after a good 11 years. What happened?..Did you wait a long time before going to the hospital? Thats really bad...I had mine lanced & all was well except for the ugly strange scar. My co-worker who worked at a mortuary told me that area will not take to embalming fluids...I am not going to be embalmed anyway, so It doesn't bother me.
I didn't know I had been biten for about 18 hours. I felt something like a pin prick but thought my double knit pants (it was the 70's) had caught a hair on my leg. After I was in the hospital my mother went to my apartment and found the spider. The doctor told me it was the biggest one he had ever seen. I was too late for the antivenom to work very well. They had to wait to see actally how much damage was done before deciding what to do. Finally they just cut a huge hunk out of my thigh and pulled it back together. It took a year to completely heal.
Your a lucky man.

Wow, PA...that is really scary.

I don't know when I was bitten by a brown recluse, I walked around for a week thinking I had a sliver or something. When my parents finally took me to the ER all I had to do was have shots into the large goose egg on my arm and take antibiotics. I still have the dent in my arm where the flesh died. 


Oh, my god, P.A., that's terrible! You are very fortunate to have survived & kept your leg. I'm very glad about that on both counts!




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