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Describe your current life situation in five words, four with alliteration.

Example: laughing at ludicrous lack works
seems sour sweetie sucks largely
OR (if you're really brave try alliterate all 5)
calming canine companion comforts continually

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melancholy memories meander, mindlessly moping
hellishly hot highs have hit
cautiously careful of climbing costs

I love your idea for a play of words. It made me really think. lol
That sounds sad. It sorta reminded me of a novel I started to read: Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. After the first few chapters, I threw the book against my bedroom wall. lol

wee soozy said:
melancholy memories meander, mindlessly moping
Dogs & driving duties delivering darlings
Limpidly learning legendary lutherie lessons
Well, I thought you were gonna try and figure out what I do for a living with just five words from me, but there I go again, expecting people to think like me...

Alright. Let's try this: Demonstrably demented DJ dishes discs.

Okay, that wasn't so hard.

Shambling shoggoth shreds sensitive substantiation..

Grinning goober generates grisly grudges.

Yeah, I think I've got the hang of this.
Oh, I just thought of a coup[le more: Giddy grandpa greets groovy grandson.

Pusilanimous poster pesters pompous pedantics.

Devoted dimwit desires digamy....Darlin'..

Cretinous crabapple creates coaxial chaos. And just laughs and laughs....
Increasingly interested in intelligent introspection
I'm new here...Feel Free to Fetch n Focus on my proFile

Alzheimers always allows minimal arguments

My missus, my love means monogamy

Cats can cause continuous contentment
Today's task.. thinking TBD threads

Beach Bunny... browning body beautifully

Seeing Senuous Stud Sometime Sunday
inciting intelligent interplay though interesting incentives
I was going to use intercourse instead of interplay, but it didn't sound right. lol

Damn, this was hard.

Thx realteal.

Now, I know how my kids feel when I force them to
write 3 lines of iambic pentameters off the top of their heads.




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