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It passes, whether we want it to or not. Share your feelings about time in 5/7/5.

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it wasn't the years

so much as the very instant

my love simply stayed

greetings Daddieo

was beginning to wonder

if others out there

So WONDERFUL to see you, Daddieo, and your marvelous work! 

love caught in amber
precious but untouchable
beautiful but cold

give back the passion
passing time has crystallized...
free his heart to feel

No, time doesn't fly

we do...back and forth between

present, past, future

How beautiful, Daddieo!  

Draughn once painted an image I treasure of our two souls entwined, of which this reminds me. We often talked of alternate planes of existence, and when times were tough we'd say some version of, "somewhere we're sitting side-by-side, holding hands, looking out over the ocean, love and joy passing between us." I only wish that I culd make those alternate universes as tangible as the here and now.   

lonely everywhere

except within you, in a

thought or otherwise

oh i know so well
the need for that connection...
our nation of two

Tugging at my heart again, Daddieo.

one stuck in the past

fails to deal with the present

that's called depression

one stuck on future

fails to deal with the present

that's anxiety

be in here and now

deal with issues in present

all will be better

Wise words, as always, M.

Just call me Ms. Anxieti Depressedale. :>)

loudly ticking clock
stick my fingers in my ears...
shut that sucker up

sounds within our minds

like symptoms of tinnitis

hard to shut it down

whoa...you're not kidding
tinnitus buzzes and roars
head too full of noise




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