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 ...so what's his problem?

On a June episode of Generations with Vision, Reformation Church pastor Kevin Swanson explained that he wasn't going to take his children to see the new Star Trek movie because Star Trek—and evolutionary theory, he claimed—promotes inter-species romance, which is equivalent to bestiality in his estimation.

He does know it's Star Trek, doesn't he?

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He's a nut........lol.

Star Trek is a great place to study philosophy and an open minded person would be glad his children were watching it. Of course the religious right sees thing differently. They are more interested keeping a closed mind.

Remember - When you're a fundaloonie religious nutbag, every imaginary world except your own is a very real threat to humanity, and are all abominations. The other imaginary worlds MUST be loudly denounced and dismissed before those who believe as the religious nutbag does, in order to "prove" how real the nutbag's imaginary world is, and to "prove" how faithful and clear-eyed and great the bellyaching nutbag is.




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