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In a statement issued on Wednesday, U.S. Attorney's Office reiterated that marijuana is a federal crime...

regardless of any changes in state law(s).


When will Federal Law be changed?  Does anyone listen to the people in Washington D.C.?

Do you hear me Mssrs. President, Senate Majority Leader, and Ms. Pelosi?   I know this Congress isn't interested, but you guys?  C'mon!

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It makes absolutely no sense that they cannot get it together on this...

Private prison companies are making a fortune out of pot being illegal. I know one of the founders of Correction Corporation of America and believe me he is rolling in it.

Well, I guess that would explain a good part of it.  Unfortunately, even medical marijuana places are being raided and closed down even though they are supposedly legal.  There is no medication that is comparable for treating pain and nausea, I can say that from personal experience.  The privatization of prisons is unconscionable...profiting from incarcerating people makes me sick.  I guess if there is a way to make money, the money makers will find it and exploit it.




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