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Freud asked this question in a completely different context, but I am writing it to ask you what you see as the purpose of this group.  There has been almost no traffic here of late and so it seems like a good time to pose the question.  Dazzling Zoomer GIrl Diana has been gracious enough to start a private group up over at My Atlantis, and it is a fantastic group with alerts and privacy and a good group of people (many from here). What I want to know is, does this group no longer have a purpose, or do you feel there is a place for a public group (with restricted (female) membership?  What would you want to discuss? Why isn't anyone doing so?

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I shall, if I may go first.

I vote #2.

2). Deleting it and starting a fresh, set to private with the same links in place so that members can swing back and forth at their leisure. I'm not worried about duplicate posting, there are ways to organize things so that we don't get into duplications.

I'd be pleased to do this for the membership if that is what you wish.
i'm a member here, but haven't found anything that engages my interest, so haven't participated. don't know what to say to you folks about whether to go forward or not, but i probably won't go with you if you change the membership. i am more active in MA than tbd but it's still my sense that participation has dropped significantly since the original TBD closed; many folks have moved entirely to FaceBook.
I vote for #2, Diana.
I don't understand why people are voting for number two. What is the point in deleting this list and restarting it as a private group? Then it will be exactly the same thing as at My Atlantis. If you are already on MyAtlantis in the private women's group, then why would you want a second group here with essentially the same membership and the same focus? To me this doesn't make sense. (Just askin')
Because there are people here as members who are not members of My Atlantis who have expressed to me privately that they would support a private women's' group here. If I start one, some members who are members of both sites may sign in here as well.

I appreciate that several of you have expressed concern about my "work load". Don't give it another thought. Let that be my concern and not yours please. If I did not want to invest the time and the effort, I would not have started these groups in the first place.

Thank you everyone (both publicly and privately ) so far who have responded. The "vote" if you could call it that seems to be swinging towards " leave this group as is" and roll with the fact that almost all the groups here are quiet at present (it is summer after all, there is always a deep dip in member participation) and take a longer " wait and see "attitude. Members also love past posts and reading most of them, so it can be an archive of sorts until such time as there is fresh activity.

I always have a wealth of ideas, I have a long list of things to add here, and on My Atlantis that differ enough in content and would stimulate participation, but if the membership is quiet over all here, then we just cope with less participation for a while.

At any rate, it's not the end of the week. I hope others will express their opinion and/or vote.
Again, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to participate so far, much appreciated!
Thanks. This is a good answer!
One additional point if I may - this is about what YOU - the members here on TBD in FWO want.

So if any of you have other ideas you wish to share, please don't hesitate in offering up an idea or an opinion.
I do check in here from time to time and most of the time will leave a footprint of some sort. As I get more involved in Atlantis though, it becomes more difficult to split my attention. I'm not very clear about what to do but it seems the membership is dwindling here.
Well - long story short, there has been quite a bit of response, most of it private.

I have to read through everything I've received again. Unlike last time when we had an issue, it's not been a vote - it's been a number of opinions.

My thanks to all who have expressed themselves. Still open for any last minute thoughts or vote or opinion, here - or there or via PM. I'll return with a break down of how members feel tomorrow.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop about what is going on. It is a complicated issue. Good luck with the decision.
Sounds good to me! Thanks for the careful consideration and work to figure this all out!

Funny...I would have answered the same thing: respect.  


I'm sorry to hear about your mum.  She sounds like someone I'd enjoy knowing. 




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