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Am I the only one on here?  Anyone else have love issues?

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Ah . . . chère ! I'm here! My beau (TSD Thee Slayer Dug) a.k.a. Douglas who also has a profile and is active here) and I are sitting across from one another having a spaghetti dinner (he cooked;) chatting and laughing and I'm keeping my eye on my group as you can see! He has to go to bed soon ( up at 3 AM for work) so I'm staying online.

We often sit next to each other and are online here together (he on his notebook) whilst sharing wine and quips and laughs about goings on in our social networks!

What's up with you Pussy Cat!?
As to love issues - oh my - not I (or a change;), but many of our cherished gals here - oh yes indeed. Sigh.
No love issues, but I'm here!
Same here, WS 7!

But DZG and TSD give me hope...
LoL we (TSD & I) have had such fun tonight discussing things triggered by questions and comments by our fellow members here on TBD. We just realized we are both so much closer because we (so often) share the questions posed and really talk about issues that we find interesting.

It's so nice - sharing.

I'm tucking him in - he must be up again at 3AM.
If "y'all" (grin - so Southern) will excuse me - I shall be back - Mari - LOVE the update on the shopping spree! Ah - miss this, money being too tight these days to mention! Love living a bit vicariously - thks. for sharing !

So there is a new BS entitled "Honolulu"?
Must check this out!
I just got back from a shopping spree (after being inspired by reading the other threads on lipsticks, perfumes, masks) I bought the following at Marshalls- Reed Diffuser- Pomegranate (essential oil imported from France-smells heavenly), Virgin Olive Oil Body Wash (Olivella from Italy) and face serum and moisturizer by Dottoressa Reynaldi (Italy) - natural products, and a free hydrating body lotion Acai Berry & Magnolia from Victoria Secret (I took my mom's free bday gift card) I love the feel and scent of that lotion- warm and light & fruity-flowery and "natural" - no parabens, artificial dyes, or mineral oil.

I also bought a historical romance novel which I can't wait to read....I'm a closet romantic. I was tempted to buy a new best seller Honolulu, but I decided not to because I've already splurged enough as it is.
Shopping ---the real therapy.
Hi you! So nice to have you with us too!
Haha my '25" yeah right - I'm always a rule breaker am I ! I read yours - every one's of course with avid glee and deep fascination - so much synergy! Yes, we do and thank you!
Interestingly enough - as each one of us posts - I am seeing a commonality.

I must nudge Chez, Suuse, Felicia . . . Maria - some more of our wonderful members to step up to the plate! (Oh - and please - don't feel so bound by a "face book" dictate of "25' (more than likely started by a 25 year old!)! So it's 50 - part one and part two! )(Ahem - we older babes need a higher thread count ;) I for one will get it - that it's a stream of consciousness and should not be bound by any sort of number dictate, unless one wants to keep to the number !

The reason I encourage this is because cancer support & help groups (and other support groups) encourage this very thing - singing to one's own strengths and that of others whilst acknowledging one's own weaknesses in a supporting and encouraging environment. I'm truly thrilled that we do so here, in FWO.
Wonderful idea. Thank you. is Skype free or is it a paid service?
I love skype too and as I'll be away for a month (as of Tuesday), I'm planning on using it to keep in touch with my family! I like seeing people when I talk too and of course when one is calling from Japan or elsewhere then it is great not to have those huge long distance bills. I guess I'll get to try it from China this time around. Should be interesting! If you don't hear from me for a while, it is because I'm off exploring Seoul,Beijing, Vladivostok, Shanghai and several places in Japan!
Skype is great and the video quality is good but the sound....not so much.




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