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...to someone, what would it be? (You can, of course, tell us to whom you'd like to say it, but if you prefer your privacy, it shall be respected.)

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I have quite a list of "just one things" I'd like say, but I'd have to start with my paternal grandmum. And I'd say "Thank you." She was a warm, kind, wise woman who taught me things that have sustained me over the years. And she raised my remarkable father. I lost her when I was 10, and, to this day, I feel, not her presence, but her spirit. If that makes any sense.
I'd like a one on one to tell Barack Obama, that he is wrong to continue the war in Afghanistan.
You should have realized you would grow older one day. I will not support you forever.
To one person it would be....I love you.

To another.........you're an ass.

lol sorry I do realize that's two things.
I love Fred Wilhelms, for his tireless efforts to get SoundExchange to do what they say they do (but don't)--and for this...which I would like to address to my ex: "I’m really not interested in trading comments that don’t address what the other person says. Simply talking in my presence isn’t a dialog."
This to my ex: "You were wrong. On all counts, which is why you lost me. You accused me unjustly."
This to my late father. " I forgive you a thousand times over." (I am certain he knows this - but just in case;)
This to my late mum: " You were right Sweetheart, as usual!" (I am certain she knows this - but just in case!)

Right. That will do for today! Great idea Suuse!
To my ex: Thanks for really messing up big-time, and giving me the excuse I needed to get out of a very bad and unsatisfying relationship.

Also to my ex: Thanks for now doing your best to cooperate with me and try to learn to be a good single dad. Better late than never.
You are not limited ever in anything by anyone Spellbound - so don't hesitate to shout STOP to whomever it is that needs to be drawn up hard their tracks - esp. if whomever it is is riding roughshod 'or you, or anyone you love.

Slam dunk. Make it so.
I am repulsed by relentless and manipulative self pity especially when it is coupled with yelling and uncontrollable anger in front of customers. GROW UP !!!




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