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Whose business is it if a woman want to look younger?
We have been hashing this subject out here there and everywhere as we struggle with our age, the media, and the new age question, what does it mean to age gracefully?
You will find below a fascinating web site that is now casting for season four.

"We women are very tough on each other" says Catherine Fennell, the producer of definingyourself.ca
No surprise to me. This site (TBD) is defined by a woman and in the control of a woman. 

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And in case you are considering eyelid surgery (as I am because my upper lids are very heavy over my eyes and it actually causes me difficulties) you might want to read Robin's take on it all.

The benefits of plastic surgery make it seductive, possible, and there as a real option. The dangers of it make it scary and just not worth it for some.

I have been and still am a student and participant of women's studies. It became apparent to me quickly that our penchant for grouping women into tidy categories was perplexing. An example of this may be.....which group am I in? The group who will have a facelift or the group who will age gracefully (not giving in to societal pressures to maintain youth and beauty) ? Always a dichotomy. People like Carol Gilligan taught us how utterly different we are from each other and to celebrate the difference. Indeed, we have many different opinions and judgments about plastic surgery and that is absolutely fine with me.

Perhaps the most important word we learned from our foremothers was the word CHOICE. We always have the right to choose individually what works best for us in our own lives.

I have no problem with a woman who seeks to feel better about herself, take care of herself, or be a participant in today's ever increasingly competitive market. I would probably do a couple of things if I had the luxury to spend my dollars on it......the word cellulite comes to mind....lol.
This makes me think of the scene in "The Women" (I liked the original better!), where one of them is accosted by a department store clerk trying to sell a 'facelift in a jar.' Her reply is "This is my face. Deal with it."

That's me, too.
I have not had one thing done - except teeth things (and even that - certainly NO teeth whitening to such an extent that the darn things proceed me into a room - ugh)! What IS this thing in the USA about teeth having to be whiter than the bathroom basin bowl ??? Not an big advocate of plastic surgery (unless it's for an accident or a disfiguring situation or a nose so big it's unhappy making) or something that impacts your ability to hold on to your job or your sanity in this crazy world. Still undecided about fillers, and am not opposed to having moles and bumps smoothed or deleted and mild skin care procedures. Have had some vein leg problems taken care of - because it was a potential health problem. Have my hair looked after and I look after it - but the big thing for me is working out and keeping in shape.

Looking good for me means exercise and eating well and being happy and paying enough attention to myself that I can then forget about "myself" the moment I leave the house - and concentrate on others. But it is hard work, and I respect women who look after themselves, dress properly ( no - those nasty sweats and horrid tee shirt does not make you look "natural" ) and who respect the right of others to do the same. A lot has to do with the lifestyle one leads.

This is an interesting series, do take the time to watch it if you can - there is considerable fodder for discussion.
My one vanity is my hands. I take good care of them, and like to keep my nails neatly manicured.

At the ultra-impressionable age of 13, someone I admired told me I had a "lovely flair with my hands." I began slathering them with vaseline and wearing cotton gloves to bed shortly after. I still do it often. My hands have barely a wrinkle. I have been as diligent with sunscreen and moisturizers on my hands as my face. I'll be 54 next month, and have almost no lines on my hands OR my face.

I saw a close-up of Jennifer Anniston's hands recently, and they looked 100 years old! So if you DO choose cosmetic surgery, remember that if you don't take care of them, your hands will give away your true age every time!

I've noticed that necks seem to age even when women have their faces lifted.  Is there a surgery that takes care of that?

Has anyone had anything done?  I haven't yet, but might someday.

I'm waiting to see what happens to all the women who started doing this twenty years ago.  If Joan Rivers doesn't develop face cancer or some rare skin ailment, I might go for it.

I would like an answer to this question, if anybody out there reads this or knows.  In the last few years, I have noticed tremendous wrinkles in my neck area.  I had lost 35 + pounds previous to this  - wondering if that is part of the problem or is it just gravity??

I think a woman and men to should make themselves what THEY want and not by what the media want

if you are clean and neat and like what you are wearing and the color of your hair or the feeling of your skin then do as you wish

if you do not like that hair color go try on a wig till you get the color you are comfy with then go to a good colorist

you have to live with you and you have to like you best....tis nobody else's business

I am me and I like me

Very well said Julia. That is exactly how I feel. I wear what looks best and feels comfortable to me.

I have not had any cosmetic surgery.It would scare me too much.I keep my skin clean and use a good face cream.

I try to stay looking as youthful as I can.It is very important that we like ourselves.

yes,thank you Dee.  I guess I was blessed with good genes and so are my 3 daughters and 2 grand daughters

Keeping your skin clean is a good healthy thing and eating healthy foods with some exercise you are as healthy as you can be...the clothing is your choice...once I leave the house I never pull or tug at my clothes and I go on my merry way enjoying the day.  My profile photo in the santa hat was taken 2 years ago at my then ripe age of 68 and I pretty much look the same except for a few more grey hairs and a change of glasses

Do not accept anyone else's definition of you. Many people think that it's their job to do that, when in fact they are really judging and defining themselves.


Susan - One or more of my teaching collegues would constantly try to belittle my teaching ideas and procedures (I have a MS degree), when in actuality their teaching was almost nil - even to the point of leaving their students alone, while they were off on a mission to the teacher's room.

The point of this is just as you say Susan - "When someone makes a judgement of you - they are really judging and defining themselves". 

Thanks for your excellent point.







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