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Here's a little story.

On the third Tuesday of October, I asked the ladies of my pinochle group if they could please pray for me because I was getting extremely discouraged by the lack of response from social security, my health, my financial situation, etc. They stopped playing cards right then and there and prayed. I asked if they could just ask their god for a resolution to my problems by Thanksgiving. I wasn't asking for money, a positive outcome, just a resolution.

When I got home and the days after, I beat myself up for being so presumptuous as to expect a response so soon. However, that following Saturday (four days later), I received a letter from attorney saying he was going to talk to a judge about my case the Friday before Thanksgiving. I would find out if my case was approved, or forwarded on for a hearing. That was a wonderful answer to their prayer.



Then my attorney called on that Friday and said I was approved! I am not going to be poor anymore! I will get Social Security disability until I am old enough to get regular Social Security!

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I have always been of the mind set that when one asks for help, it will come. I learnt this the hard way , always in my youth being the rescuer, never wanting to be rescued. But I was humbled, and am now certain that asking for help when the need is too great a burden, is indeed the right thing to do.

The collective mind set of a group focused on a good outcome has proven itself time and again here on TBD, and elsewhere. Know that you always have safe haven here with us. Being able to share your troubles cuts the trouble in half, and then some. We all have heavy crosses to carry, it's part and parcel of the age we live in, and the age we are becoming.

My take is that the more optimistic one is, the more likely a better outcome. It's hard to do - being upbeat, but it's easier than being blue. As Cheri has put it so wisely, "peace of mind IS a wonderful thing" . . . and peace starts first within your own heart.


Wonderful things happen to wonderful people, and prayers are granted to those who ask.
SeaRain! It's been too long without your voice within our circle ~ do report in and let us all know how you are doing please! You are missed. Hug
Good for you, SeaRain! It's so nice to hear from you again.




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