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Do you think you look and act younger or older than you are?  What do others say about it?

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not anymore...seems i aged 25 years in the past 2 years.

That's not good.  You need to take better care of yourself.  I turned myself around.  3 years ago everyone, including my doctor, had nothing good to say about my health.  Now I've lost a ton of weight, I walk all over town and feel great.  You can do it too, Tim.  Really!

it's that whole migraine thing going on.it beats me up pretty good.

Sorry to hear that Tim.  Hopefully, they will find a medication that will help you.  I had them many years ago and they really are horrible.  Feel better. 

Act younger but my white hair makes me look older. Wish I wasn't so damn honest. I get senior discounts offered to me all the time and have to decline them.

I think younger, but don't have the health to match it.

Looks I look my age, my mind says I want to do things younger but my body says oh no you don't..LOL

Well, I definitely look younger . . . and that's not just my opinion! ;-)  When people ask my age, they are quite surprised.

As far as "acting my age" hmmmmmm . . . I'm definitely a kid at heart and am more than willing to experience new things . . . and do!

When I look in the mirror I wonder who that old broad is, but the reaction I get from my friends and vendors is that I look younger than my chronological age. In fact some of my friends are surprised that my sons are 48 & 38 and that's their first clue that I'm older than they thought. MY friends are a mix of people older & younger than me and I don't tend to do things that mark me as being ready for the rocking chair. I still compete in dressage, take college courses, bowl and travel and will try new things if they are not too dangerous as I don't bounce as well as I used to do. One of the reasons I gave up jumping.

I, unfortunately, look my age.  All 64 years of it.  My face started showing wrinkles a few years back when I lost a ton of weight.  I've snuck a few back on and it really does fill in the wrinkles. :)  My mind wants to do things the body doesn't really feel up to.  I push myself to walk.  I'm now working on getting up my mileage again.  Lost a lot of ground over the winter.  Now I babysit my 8 month old granddaughter and that's a crash course in strength training.  She's just about 20 lbs.  I take her on my walks now. 

I think I look my age.....although I know I don't always act it.  I belong to a senior group, and most of them think I'm just a little left of center....if you get  my drift.  I've been told to cut my hair.  Apparently when you get past a certain age, you're not supposed to have long hair.  I am going to be 67 next month, but most people don't think I'm that old.  They are always surprised when I tell them I'm a great grandmother.  Even when I have my great grandkids with me, and introduce them as such.....they still space it out and call them my grandkids.  I took my oldest granddaughter to dinner last Holiday season, and the waitress thought she was my daughter.  Once, when my son took me to lunch at a very fine restaurant.....the waitress was going to seat us in a romantic booth in the back, with adjustable lighting.  My son took one look at that and said, "Oh, no!  We're not sitting here.  This is my mother.....put us somewhere out front where the sun shines!"  The hostess was embarrassed.  I must have been absent the day they taught the "Getting Old 101" class.  I still dress and act like I've always done. I just bought me a new denim skirt.  Real pretty. My bones are old, but the rest of me is in good shape. 

I'm always told I look younger than my age and i am DEFINITELY immature!! Haha!! I kinda liked looking younger till I got divorced and got hit on by younger guys...YUCK!! It REALLY kinda annoyed me though I guess I shoulda been flattered. I wasnt. AT ALL!! I dont GET THEM and I've never seen a sexy one. I like OLDER MEN!!

But FRANKLY, lately, I feel a little OLD and worn out. MY knees and feet and my whole BOD are tired!! I blame it on the fact that I have NEVER lived in a house with stairs until January when I moved into my old couple's house. My boyfriend also has stairs. Its over 100 years old so the ONLY bathroom is UPSTAIRS!! Its nice going home for the weekend. My house has TWO steps onto my front porch into my house...YAY!!




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