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There has been activity on this group since March 9.  Hope you are all just super busy with grandchildren and moving and whatever else you do to make your life special!!

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My life depends on the time of year. Late April to mid October, I try to get to enjoy my cabin in northern Wisconsin as much as I can to enjoy the lake and the woods and biking, boating, fishing and golfing. Late October to Mid April, I'm waiting for the weather to get better so I can go to my cabin. This past year I began volunteering for a children's charity. During the crappy weather I have volunteered more because I am around more. It's been nice. While sometimes it feels like a "job", it helps to know I can walk out anytime I want, not that I would. I've met some really nice people there.

I'd like to say that I have been super busy but the truth is that I've been ill and have had no inclination to spend time on line. Between doctors and tests, I've struggled to keep going to my volunteer work and to attend my college class. Since the illness has limited my activities, I had nothing really to post about. 

Carol, I hope you'll feel better soon.

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Carol, hope you are feeling better.Its rough to feel bad when the weather is also rotten. I usually don't get out much in the bad weather so not much to talk about.Did get out a few days last week between the snows. On mon went to lecture on Women in Denver and tues had one our book clubs, we had read The Language of Flowers, and the girl who leads our group had taken a trip to Ti wain so she brought a slide show.Weds went to a lecture on Cuba- lots I didn't know. Today am going to my son and wife for dinner.

We need lots of input, topics etc from all the members.  I try to put topics, but it's always best when others contribute.  Glad to see that you're concerned.  

To be honest, I'm not much of a starter on group topics and when there is little or no activity, I'm kind of just sitting in the background.

Thanks Lilrain and Eaglewoman for the wishes. I'm working on healing and some days are a bit better than others. 

Hope today is a good day!




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