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When you're looking for someone for a date or potential relationship, what traits do you find appealing?  We all have things we find attractive in someone else.  I know I need someone with a sense of humor. 

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Yup!  No negative people.  Was married to a negative person and it drove me nuts.  Even drunk he was negative.  I watch his posts on Facebook and wonder how I did it for so long.  I need someone who laughs all the time.  I'll even provide the comedy for him. 

That was SO cute...I love it.  Why was your mother sitting so far away from you in the first video??  She did look a bit confused.  Thanks for giving me a smile today.  Huggs!

Yes I'd say that humor is at the top of my list....good hygiene and neat in appearance and able to express themselves w/o arguing or insisting on their point of view is also up there. The ability to hold a conversation and use words of more than one syllable while doing so is also something I look for mainly because I enjoy the give and take of exchanges of ideas and experiences. This next one takes a while to display itself..honesty followed by a set of good values. The same goes for being truthful because that seems to generate trust and a relationship w/o trust is built on sand. Then of course if they share one or more of my interests or are familiar with the places I've traveled to, then that works too. 

I think that love quiz made a lot of good points also.   I do agree with u about humor, but I also expect honesty.




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