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The weekend is here.  What plans do you have for this weekend.  I'm looking forward to the warmer weather we'll finally be getting.  I also have a friend coming into town for the day on Sunday.  

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Sunday is beer, wings, meatballs, beer, veges, weenies, and did I say beer?? Oh and any football game that might be on.

Sounds like a good party, Johnnieboy.  I'm going to be out all day with an out of town friend and then watching the super bowl, when I get back.  

After 2 very busy weeks, I am doing absolutely nothing this weekend....heavenly quiet time before Monday brings another busy week!

Ursula I remember those weekends when I was still working.  Always loved them.  

The funny thing is I've been retired for 10 years!!  But I keep getting involved in lots of activities.  Right now I'm taking classes 3 days a week, just for fun, to keep my brain cells working.  I am really enjoying retirement and living life to the fullest!

Yesterday I began my Western Civilization class for the same reason. Not only do I want to keep the brain cells functioning but I also want to maintain my writing skills. Taking notes in class helps me with cursive writing and doing the essay assignments allows me to organize my thoughts on topics and put them to paper in a concise, coherent fashion.

Carol, I just went to a map to find out where you live; how funny that we live in cities with the same name, but 3,000 miles apart.  I'm guessing we live in very different areas.  As a child I lived across the river in Bayonne, NJ, and it is a whole different world from CA.

I'm taking a class on WWI and another on US Foreign Policy with Turkey, Iran and Syria....trying to get a grip on the world situation.

I think it's great that you are both taking classes.  I should look into whether they offer free classes at our community college.  I always enjoyed learning new things.  

I noticed the city similarity a while back when I'd make plane arrangements It would always ask me which Corona I was located in. Those topics you mention are ones that I would only take a semester at a time. 

We are going to a lecture today on Elonore Roosevelt with Active Minds.

What is Active Minds???




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