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Many of us spend a good amount of time on electronics, like Tablets, Laptops and Smartphones.  How much time do you think you spend playing on them each day?  

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Well I still work so I am on a computer all day, Then on my phone driving home.  ( handsfree device)  When I get home I rarely get on my laptop during the week. By them my eyes are tired as well as me.  Don't have a tablet.

when i'm at the shop I jump on and off the computing machine,in the evening I come on for a while,unless I crash.

No phone, no tablet, just MacBook (five years old) and a PC (8 years old). Most of my time is doing research for a couple of projects and doing an odd crossword or visiting a few social sites. I can spend lots of time or no time depending upon the day, and if I don't have to work.

Don't have a tablet or smartphone. I vary as to how much time I spend on my laptop though. sometimes it is as little as 15 minutes and sometimes as long as 2 hours especially if I'm using the word processing function to write a letter.

Don't own any of those things. Don't see the point.

My iPad has taken the place of my laptop and I still have a computer on my desk at work. I carry an iPhone with me at all times, but I don't "play" much on these devices as they are more the tools of the trade rather than entertainment devices.

But, with that commentary aside, I'm on my "devices" all day, everyday. I watch TV with my iPhone on the table next to me and my iPad in my lap. I have my computer on at work the entire time I'm in the office, and when I'm driving, it's not unusual to take a call or two.

I'd have to say that on the average I'm on some electronic device 10-12 hours per day.

I have an Android phone, which I look at emails or Facebook on, if I'm not home or if my granddaughter wants to sit in my lap.  Otherwise I spend a lot of time on my lap top.  I'm hoping to get some type tablet over the next year.  I just have to decide what I want to spend on it.  




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