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I added a similar discussion to Dramady but thought I'd bring it over HERE too.

My Great Aunt died this week and I went to the funeral today. I was a bit confused by the OBIT though I had seen something similar a few other times within the past few weeks or so. It says she was survived by her daughters, grandchildren with spouses in parentheses. For ONE of her daughters, my cousin Lynn, it says in parentheses, "soul mate with his name" and then some other guy with her same last name.

So, I was talking to my cousins and their wives and said to one, "Is that Billy's Dad?" She said, "No that's Lynn's soul mate" and then she explains to me that since before  her and Billy  married 10+ years ago, she has lived with the boyfriend but i.s still married to the husband and everyone just thinks that's fine and dandy.

So, it takes me back last month, I read an OBIT about a woman who was survived by her husband AND BOYFRIEND. I was sure it was a TYPO but I thought, GEEZ, some obituary writer better be on her knees asking for forgiveness from these people whose "mother" has been scandalized!! LOL!

Has anyone heard of this type of "lifestyle"? Well, of COURSE I'm sure we all HAVE....but to put it OUT there in the paper where people will be wondering and asking about it.


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Kim, I've noticed that there are few boundaries these days, plus we seem to think we have to accept whatever people do.   Hmmm, what scandalous thing would I want in my obit???

Yeah, you're right, Ursula. I generally try not to judge people. I may not LIKE what they do,  I may not approve of what they do, I may be appalled at the thought of ME doing what they do, but if they want to do it, FINE with me....its just not something I necessarily want to do. After all, even though I see my life and things I do with it are pretty ordinary but someone out there may think something I do is outrageous. For example, I'm sure SOMEONE is DISGUSTED that my dogs are allowed to sleep on my bed if they want. And for me, it seems perfectly NORMAL....LOL!!

My dogs sleep with me too, so I think it's perfectly normal!  

I've heard of it but don't condone it. I feel sorry for whoever is footing the bill for the obit since it's so much per word.  

I saw an obituary for a man I worked for years ago and his first wife had died and he was remarried. I thought it was sweet that they mentioned "the mother of his children and her name" and they mentioned his second wife.  That's nice to see but not what Kim brought up.  Boundaries don't seem to exist these days.  I don't judge, but some things need to stay private not all over the newspaper.  Those that know, know, but no need to announce it to the world.  Nowadays obits are all over the internet.  If my children mention my ex in my obit, I'll haunt them the rest of their lives. :)

I've never heard of wording like that before. ummmh.

I think that whole idea is just weird.  

I always thought that husband would be the soul mate, maybe she and hubby were estranged. Diff.. for sure but can expect anything these days.

My best friend's live-in girlfriend is still married and everyone, except her husband, is okay with that!

I was with my ex husband long after we should have been, but the thought of looking to move on never occured to me until I was divorced.  I think almost anything goes these days.  It would be nice if husband was the soul mate, but I for one wasn't blessed with that.  If there's ever a next time, it's a must.  




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