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I'm sitting here on New Years eve and wondering if I'm the only one who doesn't do anything on New Years eve.  I used to celebrate with my kids when they were kids.  They'd beg me to stay up until midnight and I'd give in.  I'd get Pigs in a blanket and egg rolls and other frozen treats and I'd sit up and they'd be asleep on the floor and I'd have to wake them up just before midnight.  Then they grew up.  For years they'd call me at midnight.  Then they figured out the odds were good they'd wake me up.  What good memories do you have of New Years Eve?  Do you still do anything?  I just turned on Ryan Seacrest. 

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I'm getting ready to work a few hours, and watch Ryan Seacrest too.  I haven't celebrated on New Year's Eve for so many years I can't even remember the last time.  I enjoy being home. 

The last time I went out on new years eve was in 1976.  The last year I had to worry about a date was 1975, then I got married.  Since I've been by myself these past 7 years, haven't even thought about going out.  Just don't have any interest.  My son and his girlfriend just went out.  Oh to be young! 

It's 10:45 p.m. in Arizona.  I'm sipping hot chocolate and waitng for midnight.  One of my Eons friends just called to wish me a Happy New Year. 

Anybody cook anything special for New Year's Day? 


This is the first year in my memory we didn't have hog jowl and black-eyed peas for New Year's Day dinner.  Couldn't find hog jowl in the one store I went to.  Had chicken/mozzarella ravioli.  Still had the peas though.

When the kids were still home I used to make a multi-course Chinese dinner on NYE that stretched from 6-12.  We did that till the kids were going out on dates.

I live with 4-footed roomies who don't drive and since I never, ever drink when I have to drive, I stay home on NYE.

I watched the Chic-fil-A Bowl then watched a movie.

New Years has reached CA and since I'm in LA it's time to call it a night!

I've never been a Fan of NYE though I love getting dressed up and wearing sparkling whatever and NYE is one of my few opportunities to do that. I've gone out with several girlfriends the last two years. Last year we took a can to my favorite Irish pub and I managed to find and dance with the only 3 single men there (merchant marines) to great music by a great band one of my other friends was in.
This year none is wanted to cough up that much $$, plus I had a girlfriend who broke up w/the guy she had been seeing the day after Christmas following being stood up on Christmas. I knew she wanted/needed bright lights/music and a

Like you, Helen, and the others when I was younger I tried to go out on NYE even after I was married both times. Near the end of the second marriage, my husband and I decided that contending with drunks driving was too dangerous and so we opted for dinner and a movie early in the evening and maybe staying up to midnight but mostly falling asleep before the witching hour. Since I'm widowed, I eventually found a good alternative in that a local tour company offers a choice of overnight trips out of town but including a NYE party or a daytime trip featuring an early NYE party. That's what I did yesterday..the catering hall was in NJ and the tour arrived at 11:30AM and opened with a free drink (white wine for me but my BFF passed it up) and then the music started (3piece band w/singer) along with the dancing. Later we were served a 4 course meal and a comedian entertained us for a half hour followed by more dancing. At 3:30PM we were getting on the bus for the trip home. Had a quiet evening with my cats and then to bed. Today I have an open house to attend so I'm not cooking. Happy New Year everyone!      

Carol, your trip sounds great.....I like that idea!

What is everybody doing for New Year's Day?  I will be watching the Rose Parade from Pasadena, CA, and just relaxing the rest of the day.

I' just hung  out at home and was in bed by 11pm.In my younger days we always went to the bar, because my brother-in-law played in the band, since I don't drink I was always the driver, nothing like driving a bunch od drunks home..Later year our pinochle group always went out to dinner then played cards all night. Haven't done that for about 10 years now, most have died and one moved to the western slope. Doing nothing today, too cold, our high is going to be 21 and my son and dil are both working.

I remember one new years eve when I was in my 20's and I was driving past a bar and it was snowing and this guy walks out of some bar and threw up all over the hood of my Volkswagon beetle.  Not a pretty sight.  Yuck.  The memories that stay with us. :)




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