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Do you see yourself as single, senior, or something else?  What do you think is good or bad about these labels?  This could get interesting.  Everyone, please try to come up with an answer, it makes it so much more fun. 

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New picture, eh, Helen? I like it.
I see myself as Karin. I don't feel old....so I don't feel like a "senior"... and I don't dwell on the fact that I'm alone.....so "single" really isn't how I see myself. I just see a person who has been around the block a few times, and hopefully much wiser because of it. I see a person with endless curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. I see myself as a person not afraid to take chances....willing to try new things.....and eager to meet new people. Also, as a family-oriented person who is filled with more love than I know what to do with most of the time. A person slow to anger....and quick to laugh.
I finally like who I am.

I just see myself as a 'single male' who loves life and meeting all types of people and going to all kinds of places. I don't feel like a senior or act like a senior, so senior doesn't ever cross my mind.....lol.

Most days I see myself as that 12 year old kid on summer vacation. My health is good yet, I'm retired and have a decent income. I do what I want when I want; life is great. I do look in the mirror and see this aging guy looking back and I chuckle to myself that I'm not exactly 12 anymore. There are days when I feel a few aches and pains, but for the most part, I still see myself as that 12 year old kid.


I have to look in the mirror and tell myself periodically that I'm old because I see myself as an independent mature woman who happens to be single. I don't look my chronological age and I work at keeping my outlook optimistic. I try to keep in pace with current trends and my friends are a mixture of ages. I work at keeping my health and weight at reasonable levels but admit to liking fast food and sweets.  

I totally agree Phil.............

No. I do not see myself as single or as a senior, although if I were to be sorted into groups I would fit into both of those.

I see myself as a person who can be free to enjoy solitude, even when my flat mate is around. I can be social when I choose. I work, but my work does not define me. While I am at work, there are many people older and younger than I and we interact very well. I find the single most binding effort between human beings is a smile. Being a person to whom music is important, a smile is much like a banjo. It is said of the banjo, that a sad song cannot be played on one. This is a false notion, but a true experience. Banjo music tends to lift the spirit, even if the subject matter is serious. A smile does the same thing, it lifts the spirit and brings a sense of joy, even amid seriousness and yes, gloom.

I like to see myself in music and as a musician. Among musicians I am "unique among equals." This means that although everyone I play with is better than I; I am best at being me. My instrument is voice and then guitar. I use the guitar to accompany my voice. Most of my friends are guitarists and can make those instruments sing in ways I can only imagine. I enjoy the entire experience.

I am. If I am a senior, then I am just coming into it at 61 and still don't know how to act. I don't have a pension or an AARP card, or an adequate income to make any of that happen. If I am single, I'm not worried about getting a mate or date. I'd rather have friends and be able to mingle with a diverse population of people without being encombered by wishes and whims of another person. I may have motives, but I'd rather not have them questioned.

Labels are useful but they belong on bottles and packages. People need not have labels, as no matter what the label, it never tells the story. In order to uncover the story one needs to smile, engage and be comfortable. We are all complex and each of us are able to show parts of that complexity at various times. I like to be around to share mine and to share in that of others. Yes, the category labels are good, so as not to harm someone categorically (such as trying to date a married person) but, getting behind the labels, that is so much more fun.





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