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Hope every one has a happy and wonderful Easter!

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Happy Easter


This one's really cute

In an hour I will be coloring a few eggs but I already cooked the veggies for tomorrow's potluck dinner. Bought a Black Forest cake for dessert too. I'm looking forward to celebrating with friends and playing with the dogs. I can put up with my cats ignoring me when I come home and they smell the canines.  

I heard the Easter Bunny may not make it due to a little accident ...

Hope you have a great Easter anyway!  I like the idea of this kind of easter egg hunt, anyway!

be beautiful inside

We had 5 people here for dinner, since I was in bed all week with pneumonia, we bought a pre cooked dinner and my son did all the work, and one of the boys that was here for dinner did the clean up.

Hope you feel better Eaglewoman.  Glad you were able to have a nice dinner with your son.

Was at dr. Mon for follow up visit from ER trip- we both think I'll live now.




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