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Do you get an annual flu shot?  What are your thoughts about it?  I've been getting one for years, because I have Asthma and Diabetes. 

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I never got a flu shot until I married my second husband.  Jim had health issues and when flu season came around, he told me to go get the flu shot, or not to come home.  Now he wasn't a bully, so I knew it was important to him.  He died 7 years ago, but I'm still getting a flu shot every year.

Yup!  I've been getting one now for several years.  My insurance covers the shot and my employer make it so easy. Nurses come right to work!  So why not get one!

I always get the flu shot, got mine in Aug. this year. When I was working they came to the business and the owner paid for them all.

I hope I'm not jinxing myself with this response. It's been several years since I had an URI and I will get one or two colds   per year but I don't get a flu shot for 2 reasons: one since most of the people I know who have gotten them come down with the flu afterward and secondly I haven't had flu in many years. When I was still working, I made it a practice to wash my hands after being on the subway or bus and before touching my face or eating something. I no longer am in crowds with any frequency either. I credit these behaviors with keeping me free of most germs or viruses going around. 

Put it this way. In the years I have not gotten flu shots, I have often times got the flu. And at our age that can be deadly. In the years I have gotten the shots I have NEVER got the flu. Some people have reactions to the shots, I realize, but it is not possible to get the flu from the shots.

I just got mine today and thanks to Medicare it didn't cost me anything.  Hopefully it won't bother me.  Some years it makes me very tired other years other than a sore arm, I don't notice anything. 




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