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With so many stores opening up on Thanksgiving for Black Friday, what do you think of the practice?  Do you shop on either of those days?  Do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea?

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I thin its terrible that people can't be with their families for Thanksgiving day. Will shop on neither day. On black fri. I will be at the Post Office where there will be no lines mailing my stuff that goes out of state,

I just finished working "Black Wednesday" at a grocery store, last minute shoppers for food. Tomorrow I work for those who forgot to pick up something essential for the festive day and on friday I'll be back in there again. Shoppers need to learn patience, especially in face of long lines and lack of merchandise that had been grabbed up hours before. We try our best, get paid little and are expected to work miracles in the face of frustrated anger. And, we do, for the most part attempt to bring satisfaction to the consumer.

I didn't want the job, but needed one a few years ago. I love the job because I help people find things and even get to know a few in the space of minutes. The hoards of people that will be out on Thursday and Friday will not think of the low waged workers they are taxing, while only looking for bargains. Yet, I know that individuals within that hoard will be thinking of us, and will be kind and patient.

Smile, and shop wisely, when everyone else is at home.

I worked a whole 5 days at a Kmart and couldn't keep doing it for physical reasons, but could have enjoyed working with people.  Most are reasonable, but like you said raven, so just get angry at the wrong people.  My ex was rude to people like waitresses and clerks and cashiers in a  store.  It drove me nuts.  I was raised to be polite and smile.  It's easier on your blood pressure too. 

For sure Helen, a smile goes along way! I can see why he's an "ex" rather than a keeper. I remember some good advise when I was dating in High School. One of my friends girlfriend told me that she always watched how a boy treated the waitress at the restaurant (she was a waitress at the time). So, I hope we can interject the needed smiles throughout our shopping experience.

I used to do it but as the crowds grew, I stopped and now I have only a few to shop for and it's mostly gift cards that I can get any time.

I do all mine thru the year, even have it wrapped and ready to mail  (that will happen on Fri) will be my only trip out of the house. I can just set back and enjoy Dec and watch the madness in others.

I'm doing very little this year, but I'm doing it all from my sofa.  One grandson is getting a gift card, since we never see him. 

Seems from looking at the news tonight that there were tons of people shopping yesterday.  I'll never like that.  Too little family time anymore to be taking away from it yet again.  I lived for these holidays when my kids were growing up.  Always huge family holiday dinners with all the aunts, uncles grandparents and all the grandkids in one place.  My grown sons still talk about it. 

I have never shopped on Black Friday. I  was just too tired after Thanksgiving to go into all those crowds. I shop a bit all year .I make a lot of gifts myself. My daughter and I do a lot of shell crafting. Its amazing how many people really appreciate hand made gifts. I think its terrible for the people who have to work  on Black Friday. Happy Shopping everybody.

I think we all pretty much agree about all this shopping, especially on Thanksgiving.  I think it's because many of us are from a different generation and feel thanksgiving is for family and/or friends.  




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