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Has everyone done ok with the blasts of winter we have been having?  We've had 10 inches of snow over 2 days.

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I got about 5,got it all shoveled,but yea,the temp erature is dropping fast.

I am already ready for spring. We have had a week of under freezing a few days our high was +6°, finally a heat wave today got to 43°, but still to be about zero over night. we also had about 4 inches of snow. Today was the 1st I've been out of the house since last tues. On the verge of cabin fever.

Not too much snow here but enough to make the roads slick with our cold temps. Dangerously cold wind chills today up to -30! 

I'm definitely ready for some place warm or Spring.  I'll take either.  Hate the cold.  I can't imagine those negative numbers.  Wow!

How's the house closing going?   I hope it goes by quickly, so you can get to warmer climates.

That's great news Steve.  Both about the house and it being your last winter here.  It looks like it's going to be a brutal winter though. 

Survived the snows so far and am waiting for the next set which should be saturday. Need to run my snow thrower before then and get some more ice melt.

I took the dog out earlier and the parking lot is a sheet of ice.  They plowed but put nothing down.  I got ice melter down by the apartment door, but couldn't get to the mail box for fear of falling and breaking something.  

the only reason I go out is to take the dog,i been battling this nasty flu for a few days.and the weather's gonna get worse on Saturday.

Supposed to be in the 80's next week. Didn't you get a flu shot??

Flu shots are a necessity.  Tim sorry to hear you're not feeling well.  Our weather here for Saturday is "ice pellets".  Have no idea what that is.  Hope it's not more snow.  My parking lot is a sheet of ice.  Almost broke my neck out there with the dog. 

i'm allergic to flu shots. 6 months to summer,6 months to summer 6 months to summer...




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