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Townhome Management Communication

ARGH... Nothing like good communication between my townhome management and
me - normally they let us know if the water will be turned off for some
reason or other, and if some type of work will be done on our roofs, etc.,
but today took the cake.  I came home and when I looked out my front window,
what to my wondering eyes did appear?  I wonder how my Avon boxes will be
delivered in a day or two??  Thank goodness, my normal entrance and exit is
through my back patio since that is where my garage is.

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Nice!  Most HOA's I've dealt with over my years in real estate weren't known for their great communication skills.  I had one tell me that rose bushes were permanent structures.  Really?  Here half of them don't survive a bad winter. 

Our HOA is pretty good about letting us know ahead of time whats going on. We have a good board now, they haven't raised dues in 5 years and the place really looks nice. They are getting tired, and would like out of it, but they and we are afraid of what will get in there, The group before really went thru the money and didn't do anything. And they raised the dues every year. One of them wants back on the board.

What does that writing on the yellow joining Tag say? lol.

Are you referring to that middle word, ozzieowl!?  

Always gotta have a Spanish word in there when you're in Texas!!

English Translation of CUIDADO 1: care 2 :worry 

"aaah" yes, I get it now, sort of like a danger warning, 

that makes sense, thanks TW.

It means "Danger" when on a sign.

Thanks Raven!

Since it's been raining it looks like it will take longer to complete the job.  At least I was able to get in touch with the company who delivers my Avon, and the manager will have the driver deliver my Avon boxes by my garage and call me when he delivers them so I can get out there to bring them in my place before someone driving by can pick them up and speed off with them!

Actually it would translate as beware or take care.

I've seen a number of translations when I did a search - but they all pretty much mean the same thing!!

It's used on road signs in construction areas in Argentina as well as on slippery floor areas in stores. However, you are right it is more of a Caution than Danger, which is Peligro.




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