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Here is a poem I wrote in "Think be do" that alot of you should recognize. I will try to write some new stuff soon.


Looking out at freedom
through bars that I hate so
how I yearn to escape
but how I do not know

They don't allow a soul
to visit me at all
to the press I can't talk
not even one phone call

What did I ever do
I do not deserve this
the freedom of out there
is what I surely miss

In madness I now scream
discomfort makes me cry
can't get thier attention
although I try and try

Here comes my captive gaurd
this might be my last chance
to get my dear old mom
to change my soiled pants

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well that sweet baby will be free

once he starts crawling, babbling and walking

then he will hear the guard say "no and don't"

thank you...njdevilsfan

You had me going for a second there...reading along and trying to figure out just what kind of bad ass convict can't even have visitors or a phone call.

I like it...you had me going one way and pulled the rug out.  Sweet!




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