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What's been the BEST thing for you about growing older.

We all know the worst things, lol, but getting to this age has helped me in so many ways. Wayne said he doesn't need speed anymore.  I don't need drama anymore.  I was the drama queen--thought I was dead if my blood wasn't running wild.  I still like the occasional surge, still like to be in the thick of things, but I also enjoy feeling peace and comfort.

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The best thing to me is being able to do what I want when I want. Like vacations once a month.

Well not pills . Seems i just take my time in doing things . No rush here . Sure i wish i could run , jump , dance , get out and go . Being on crutches hinders much of that . I suppose if i had a companion things would be better , just not in the card's the way i see it . I might punch the gas to get where i need , Some times i get a line of cars behind me for not being in a hurry . I guess because i can!

i'm still waiting.

Well, you won't be old for a while yet.  You're just a Young-un! 

I really don't mine getting old . One thing i worry about is dieing all alone and the extent of my health toward the end ...

Health Care is already costing much more than last year . Benefits are being cut . Medicare will not pay for the better sugar monitors and test strips . They send you a bottom line monitor now ...

The best for me is not working, the stress was getting to me. Not working and having an income makes me happy.

I found getting older can be fun it you let it . I enjoy going to walmart . Most time my cousin goes with me . When i cut a fart it tickles me to death . He doesn't see it funny and he's 6 months older than me . He or my Aunts don't like the fact i'm growing a beard , also they cringe when i drink a beer , drink a little wine . Wear day old clothes the next day . It's just doing what i feel like and enjoy being me . I also noticed my Cousin is slowed down a lot in past 2 years .

U grandchildren. Do dogs and. Birds count?! LOL!

I can't wait to not work again.  Still at this long term subbing position.  I will not do this again.  It's just me teaching all over again, except all the higher ups leave me alone because they know I went in to a bad situation, so I feel like I am my own boss--something I used to feel in teaching but haven't felt for several years now.

I don't mind the senior discount coffee at MacDonalds. You don't get the discount if you order a meal but you do get it if you order the coffee with just a salad or sandwich or the coffee alone. Well, ah, I will put more thought into it; I may think of something better.  Dang, there is got to be something. I do have those vericose veins on my left leg that I can scare little kids with.

All my life I was insecure about my appearance and my level of education.  Oh....and my lack of funds.  But now?  I figure I'm not looking too bad for my age, and I have learned a lot in my lifetime, and I'm not the least bit concerned about making an impression on anyone......for any reason.  My family and friends love me; that's enough for me. 

I think what I like best about growing older is the confidence I have gained in my own abilities and my self.  When I was younger I remember often wondering if i could do it, if I was good enough, if I was able, being afraid of making a mistake or taking a misstep and being revealed as a fraud or finding out I was really not qualified.  But life has a funny way of dishing it up and as you slog through and keep moving forward, you realize that you are able and you stop worrying about what others think and you realize what is really important.  Living your life to the fullest, taking it all in, mistakes and all and surviving with your friends and family and doing it with love in your heart and a smile on your face. 




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