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Do you feel uneasy around law officials , like police , sheriff officers highway patrol wheather you did something or not ?

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I know I do . I respect them but don't necessarily trust them . They make me feel like my skin crawls .

Nope...can't relate...in fact one of my pet peeves is when some State trooper is going 55 miles an hour, in a 65/70 mile per hour zone, and everyone slows down behind them...I think the troopers do it for yucks (I would). I'm usually one of the only people who keeps going the speed limit. 

Police don't bother me one way or the other.  Right now the Seattle police union is in so much hot water over brutality it isn't funny.  But there are so many crack heads up here I would be brutal too.

Only when one follows me for too long. Invariably, he will find something to stop me for. I had a State Patrol guy stop me in the morning on my way home from work. He stopped me to tell me my tires were bald! Like I didn't know that! And he wrote me a ticket for $50. I told him....if I had $50.....I'd have bought new tires! I had one stop me to tell me that my license plate sticker was GOING TO expire in two days. Really? So, yeah, I do get paranoid when a cop follows behind me for more than a few minutes.

LOL, ProblemAgain!

One night many years ago I was bitchiing at the wife . T was 2 am and I met a highway patrol man in the middle of a curve across the center line . I knew I was screwed . I pulled over and waited till he showed up . That didn't keep me from getting a ticket for driving in center of road . I was full of Yes Sir's that night ....

nah.. unless i'm holdin somethin i shouldn't be .. which i don't do anymore anyway .. i'm such a good boy now it makes me wanna puke sometimes .. 

No they don't bother me much, I ignore them mostly. I do seem to have cop radar so if I'm speeding and suddenly decide to slow it down I usually see a hidden cop not far ahead. I trust my instincts.

I am not the criminal type by any stretch of the description, yet I have very, very rarely had good experiences with representatives of the law.

The ones that have crossed my path have usually been petty, vengeful bullies, who see themselves as bad-asses with an almost cartoonish grudge against the world, that their positions will allow them to pursue; And as The Imperial Guard, before whom we all must kneel - Certainly NOT as public servants, who willingly and knowingly volunteered for a stressful, dangerous and difficult career.

I agree with Snagg. As a high school teacher for many many years I saw who was joining the police force. They certainly were not the best and the brightest. Mostly middle of the road students but often bullies and arrogant Sob's. However many that I have met "professionally" have let me off without a ticket.

I noticed the separation in high school, too - The biggest jerks in the student body wanted to be either drug dealers or cops, and many of them went on to do exactly that. It seemed to have a lot more to do with maintaining "legends-in-their-own-minds" personal mythologies and settling decades-old personal scores - And in the cases of the ones who joined law enforcement, it had less to do with any sense of duty or obligation to the public than it did a sneering attitude towards seeing them as helpless weaklings and a need to see themselves as conquering heroes enforcing their own preferred social order.

It was a very TV/movie-cop kind of mindset, like they remained little kids mentally and were just imitating the stuff they watched growing up, like that was the way they thought the world was supposed to be and it was their job to make it so - And they got especially angry at people who told them that No, their job was quite a bit more complex than that. The truly brave and/or selfless kids in my classes  generally joined the military, not the cops.




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