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Anyone watching the two hour special about Roosevelt tonight on PBS ? Starts at 8pm and shows again at 10 pm . May be good to watch ....

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He and the republicans actually worked together in many instances, and he lobbied them for their co-operation. Our pres does NOT do that.  He says he will not compromise.  Not good. I see it as his biggest weakness as president. Obama is a smart man--he is not a good leader.

We must have read different history books. Obama tried to work with republicans but they just said no on day one.

I read Woodward's book about the first debt ceiling debate. It does not pain Barack in a good light at all, the aloofness, the unwillingness to compromise--and Woodward is a liberal.  Biden was actually the hero of that first debate--nicknamed the McConnell whisperer. 

And I heard Obama say NO COMPROMISE.  Even he thinks he does not know how to play the political game very well in his recent interview with Brian Williams.

Congress actually tried to work for the people they represented in those days also big difference now.

I'm really discussed with the Republican party and their do nothing attitude . One reason I'm listed as a Republican is because of my mom and Grand parents were Republican . Dad was a Democrat . I still like the Consertive aproch to things ...

Well, after fourteen hours of the Roosevelts, I am ashamed of myself for having done nothing with my life.  And Ken Burns is such a meticulous documentarian--each episode so clearly researched with amazing footage and commentary, but the lives of Teddy and Franklin and Eleanor are so intrinsically interesting--like soap operas,Burns had a lot to work with.

And FDR's love for Lucy Mercer, yes, I know he was a cheater, but at the end, when he was dying during his last year, he asked for her to come back to his life, and his daughter Alice actually set up some of the meetings.  Lucy was with him when he died.  What a story.

i watched a lot of it again today. it was a marathon on pbs with all the episodes back to back. what an amazing family!  and when was the last time a presidential family had a son or daughter in combat during a war? 3 of teddy's  4 sons died in the two world wars and the 4th was crippled by artillery fire. franklin and eleanor's sons all served with distinction in actual combat units and were awarded decorations for bravery. no national guard there.

the vision that each had for america still exists as we look around today in the national park systems, social security and other programs.

and the romantic entanglements of fdr? the older i get, the more i can understand it.

and eleanor's early family life? a terrible and abusive absolutely selfcentered mother who continually told her she was ugly and an alcoholic father....america is very lucky it didn't break her tho it did leave her with some serious issues. but it also embued her with such an intense sense of empathy and justice for others.  lucky lucky us that she was here to goad america further along the path toward equality of freedom and justice.

I could not agree more.  America is indeed fortunate.  How wonderful that this family of privilege brought the many generations up to seek out public service and fight for what was right for everyone, including those less privileged....equality and an even playing field, what a concept.  

i don't remember who said it but it so fits families like the roosevelts and the kennedys...

"for those who are given much, much is expected of them"





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