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Planning for Retirement ( a series exploring finding new streams of income)



$449 plus shipping and handling from Platinum Stages, 1582 Monrovia Ave., Newport Beach, Calif., 92663, 866-857-6537; www.platinumstages.com

Suggested by Sharon Lurie of Antioch, Tenn.

The big problem with conventional stripper poles is that they are attached to strip clubs, which are large heavy buildings and therefore difficult to transport. This severely limits a stripper’s ability to relocate his or her pole quickly in the event of an emergency, or to make a house call. That is why we are so excited about this product, which is a solid-steel stripper pole on a platform that mounts on a standard vehicle trailer hitch. This means that the pole can be moved to anywhere the vehicle can go. Theoretically, it also means that the stripper could do a pole dance in traffic. We don’t know if that would be legal, but it should be. If we had more strippers pole-dancing on our highways, we would have a lot fewer drivers looking down at their phones and texting. In other words, this item could actually be beneficial to highway safety. It could also bring some much-needed levity to funeral processions.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/11/26/3114574/trailer-hitch-mounted...

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beats the hell out of being a walmart greeter ...maybe

I have a truck with a hitch, could afford the pole but where can I find a good stripper who would like to travel?

ahhhh there's the rub....oh no pun intended...but you might consider a do it yourself business...think of all those retirement communities...

The trouble is no one wants to see us retired ladies strip. Sure the audience of retired males would be way up there but ya need someone to do the dance.

i'd watch some retired ladies strip .. but then i'm just a dirty old man .. you probably can't go by me .. what do i know ?? 

But think of the exercise...I'm thinking it might work as a retirement income.... or you could buy one and rent it out..ya know parties and stuff like that. Bet it would beat out the weekly bridge game at the VFW.

well there are way more older women than there are older men...think on that....and you guys best be practicing your moves...and frenchy the guitar stallion...has a ring to it ya think?

where do i have to put the ring ?? i tried one of them ring thingy's once and thought i'd have to call the paramedics .. 

i was gonna practice flexing my pecs....but first i gotta go find em...they might be in the spare room closet

Probably right next to my tail feather...will need to dust it off a little so I don't create too many sneezes when I start shakin it...

Well, that woke me up!




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