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 and it seems to prove that politics, religion and public posturing don't mean a hell of a lot...since it is rather equally divided between red and blue areas...

Where are America's least faithful cities?

Extra-marital affairs are more common in some cities than others, according to an annual report.
By Kristin Wong Wed 10:25 PM

For the second year in a row, Washington D.C. has been named the country's most infidelity-prone city.

AshleyMadison.com is a dating website for married people looking to cheat. "You only live once," is their motto, followed by, "have an affair." As you can imagine, the site is no stranger to criticism, and they've released another controversial report: their annual list of "Americas Least Faithful Cities." Based on user data collected on their site, they found that our nation's capital is indeed our country's least faithful city.

Washington D.C. had the highest number of AshleyMadison members per capita last year—with 34,157 new users. Apparently, Texans also have cheating on their minds. Austin and Houston came in second and third on the list.

"With enormous public attention paid to political cheating scandals this year, including the Gen. Petraeus affair, there was no doubt that Washington residents would be influenced," founder Noel Biderman said in a press release. "Living in D.C., it's crucial to keep up appearances and therefore adultery has become a way of life for many of the city's most powerful residents."

Biderman also found that the day after Valentine's Day is his site's busiest day of the year. In 2012, they had a 439 percent increase in membership sign-ups.

Top 10 Least Faithful Cities, according to AshleyMadison.com:

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Austin
  3. Houston
  4. Miami
  5. Oklahoma City, Okla.
  6. Richmond, Va.
  7. Boston
  8. Lincoln, Neb.
  9. Philadelphia
10. Phoenix, Az.

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I thought Olsteel died?  Hey don't knock our BBQ's!!

his dad died,,,,junior is even MORE irritatingly unctuous.....makes me wanna smack him briskly about the head

but good barbeque is good barbeque

aww shucks, tweren't nufin....

Yep, and you can't get it here.

Texas barbecue is eatable but does not come close to Memphis. I have eaten both, much more Memphis style. Have you ever had any Memphis style? If not you can't make a judgement.
Of course arguing barbecue is like arguing politics. Nobody's mind is ever changed.
Ever eat Memphis bar bq?

there are all sorts of bbq styles...based on what meat..what the base of the sauce is....some are pork some beef some a vinegar base ..others use a tomato base..some even a mustard base...well done barbeque is great stuff..regardless of origin...

I love Memphis style barbeque and I'm not a big fan of barbeque. I used to  fly from Little Rock to Memphis somewhat regularly and there was a barbeque place in the airport and the smell filled the airport. I would go and get some and get back on the plane. Everybody could smell it. My dinner after a long plane trip.

i like fried green tomatoes bbq....but it's hard to find....

I like fried green tomatoes....never had the other...as far as I know anyway, the sauce can hide a lot.

you ever have any people go missing round your neck of the woods? how bout round your waist of the woods? you might coulda had fried green tomaters bbq....

Patricia Salt Lake might not be on this list however Utah is #2 in pornography use after Alaska.




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