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My daughter and I were just having this conversation.  We were talking about when my kids were young, and I said I missed those days.  She asked, "What about when you were young.  Don't you miss that?"

I said, "In my head, I feel no different now than then, so I don't miss that."

On the Golden Girls once, Dorothy was having lunch with the young teachers and giggling and talking and laughing.  When she went to her car and looked in the mirror, she was surprised at the older woman who looked back at her.  She had forgotten her age.  Has this ever happened to you?  Do you feel older in your mind?  My daughter agreed that she keeps waiting to feel older, but it's not happening.  I said I was the same way.

What about you?  So you perceive yourself as older?

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Absolutely, I feel no different now than I did at 16. I still want to do fun things and am always sort of surprised when I see changes in my body that tell me I'm not a young person. I don't think our brains age with us at all or perhaps we're supposed to keep fit so our bodies age like our brains. When I talk to young people they seem surprised at some comments I make as if I don't fit my image as a much older lady, nothing provocative just my ideas about life.

Now I think about those people in nursing homes and think they still have a youthful brain and are trapped in some circumstance of an aged body.

well .. as i've said before i don't look too bad for my age . but that picture in my closet ..eeeeeee.. but the truth is somedays are better than others and i feel pretty good and that makes me completely forget about how old i really am .. and then other days i'm lookin for the license plate no. to the truck that ran me over and that makes you feel old.. as far as how i see the world i still think sorta young .. i'll admit i don't do half the stupid shit i did when i was in my 20's .. i was thinkin about this subject and had a conversation with my son about it not too long ago .. i'm a guitar player and so is my son and we were talkin about amps and how in my eyes things have changed .. i remember back in the day when you had all these marshall stacks and you really did need em cause the whole public address systems thing hadn't really caught on yet .. but nowadays you see guys up on stage and they have little amps and they mike them thru the pa system and they actually sound better than the old days and .. it saves your back .. at 60 the last thing i wanna do is move 2, 4x12 cabinets plus a 50 pound 100 watt amp head  all over gods green earth if i can just move a little 1x12 amp and get a better sound .. of course my son disagreed with me but he's one of them headbangin, mosh pit ,slam dancin ,stage divin shitheads.. and when i think back i'm sure my mom thought i was weird too cause i didn't dig lawrence welk .. so i told him ya know eric when i was 20 i thought like a 20 year old and the same for 30 and 40 and 50 and now 60 .. and you'll do the same .. you can't think like me cause you ain't been 60 yet ..and you don't understand it .. but i can think like you cause everything you're goin thru is still in my rearview mirror ..and i can remember it like it was yesterday ..i still own a few amps ( about a half a dozen ) but all of em are pretty small but it wasn't that long ago that i finally sold all the 4x12 speakers and amp heads .. i mean yeah they sounded good but the truth of the matter was havin an amp that big was like tryin to ride a harley in my livin room .. some things you just have to let go of ..   so .. in conclusion i'd just say i'm the same in some ways in my head but ..improved ..i've matured to the point of knowin when to say when .. things that i did when i was younger and never gave a second thought to now i think 3 and 4 times should i ??  but i still kick out the jams sometimes and have a great time doin it .. i just reel it in around 3am instead of 7am .. i think clint eastwood said it best .. a mans got to know his limitations .. i know mine .. and they keep changin .. but i'm on top of it .. so in some ways i'm better ..   i'm the new frenchy 6.0     

Me too, Frenchy.  I'm the same basically, with the same lust for life and fun and new things, but better, wiser.

I have been "lucky" with aging.  And I still do stupid sh!t sometimes.  (seems like more fun too) but I also a little vain in that respect.  I had Graves disease in 2007 and it made my eyes a little puffy.  So I am getting that fixed this spring.  A lot of people think that you should "just deal with it.  I say  why if you can do something about it. 

I don't think I feel like I did when I was 16, but I certainly don't feel any differently than I did in my 30's and 40's - until I look in the mirror that is, lol! Or, as Frenchy said, there are those days when I get up wondering what truck ran me over that remind me I'm older, too, lol!

I usually think I am the same as I was in my 20's but then I try to do some of the things I did then and it just doesn't work. Like this morning I had trouble getting my socks on. Of course that might be from lack of practice since I have never worn socks except when it is very cold or a special occasion. Metal knees probably don't help either but they are way better than worn out real ones.





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