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I have developed laragnitis...after several days of some  ear, nose, and, throat something...allergies I think....since Friday afternoon.

I've been trying some different home remedies to encourage a sqeek or something...so far nothing. I am resting my voice since I have no choice...

Another other home remedies you've ever tried...that work? Not just about just losing your voice but any other irritating ailments you've had?

One I have tried before...infact several times....is tea for a sunburn. Brew up a lot of tea bags...about a half a tub full..and soak in it...it reduces the burning. If it's your face...just use some of the bigger bags,  dampen them, and lay them on your face...it helps reduce the puffiness...

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I find a large shot of good whiskey helps. It doesn't cure anything but you don't care anymore.

I tried a shot of brandy and honey and a sqeeze of lemon...thinking brandy worked the best...so I tried another...working pretty good...not with the voice, but might be an all purpose remedy for whatever else ails ya.

My Mom's Hot Toddy recipe worked wonders for the chest/cold flue. Really strong brewed black tea, honey and a shot of whiskey. Drink it down, go to bed and sweat sweat sweat. It worked great on my husband. as for your throat I haven't a clue. Sorry.

Take a long hot shower or just sit in the bathroom with the hot shower running.  Steam up the place and breath deeply.  If you have a humidifier turn it on or in a large pot bring water to a boil and remove it from the stove, put it on a table in front of you and lean over it with a towel tented over your head and the pot and breath in the moist air.   Try not to clear your throat and drink lots of water.  Try not to talk and if you have to, talk softly but don't whisper.  

Aloe for sunburns or any burns works miracles.

I lose my voice a lot, if I eat spicy food especially hot peppers my voice is gone. I haven't found a remedy for getting it back, I'll be watching this thread for the cure.

well sad to say i don't have any remedies to help a woman get her voice back .. i have one that can keep her quiet for about 20 minutes tho .. or longer if we drag it out .. 

Best remedy ever: Take the day off.




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