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Our government has done some really dumb things over the years but to me this one has always just slayed me...and it's the one that keeps irritating year after year in very personal way....

Want the government out of your bedroom??????...sign the petition.

Do folks really think this gives you more hours of daylight?.....NOT!

The older I get, the more it bothers me. I think maybe if you have a daily schedule you have to keep, liking going to work, it's more bothersome.

Be still my heart though...there is a political party in FL that has introduced a bill to do away with it...keeping fingers crossed.

Any opinions?? 


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whether it's light or dark at the beginning or the end, it's still a work day 8-5.  i don't get it either...

When my son was little I hated it because when it was time for him to go to sleep it was still light out, who needs light at 9 pm anyway?  Now I would just as soon leave it at daylight savings time all year, we only do regular time for 4 months now, why bother?

Suffering from SAD, I LOVE the switch.  I need it light until 9. Honestly, I feel healthier.  Today is beautiful here.  Sunny and 50, but to me it feels like 70, and I am HAPPY, lol.

Plus, coming home from work and having lots more hours of light, I feel like my whole day isn't taken up by The Man!

I used to hate THIS part of DST when i was a young mom because my daughter forever argued it wasnt bedtime yet...lol. Some states dont even DO daylight savings time. Indiana doesnt i know.
James T Kirk...SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder...seasonal depression. Due to less natural sunlight.

On my list of complaints in the universe, it does not rate too high as a problem. After five months of winter (six if one counts October) a little more light in the evening might help in the Seasonal Affective Disorder department here also. Although I too would like it to see it put in place an not change.  I can change, if I have to, I guess.

I survived...just feel like I got up an hour earlier...gee, thats because I did. I reset my clocks...except for my internal clock...that will take some time....
I like my sleep even if only another hour.....wah wah!

It's fine if we stay on it year round, it was light when I woke up at 6 am the clocks said 7 am. I think Pacific time should really be daylight savings time all the time.

i don't have any problem adapting, my schedule is run by the '8-5 clock' during the work-week and on weekends, i usually have no clue what the hour is.  the only difference is now i can do my walk after work in the light :)

Even the Local Pheasant showed up on my doorstep an hour late. He trys to time himself to when I put the birdseed out:

Seee...silly people...birds don't need a clock to know what time it is.

I hate getting up in the dark and I hate when it is dark a 5:00 pm. Just split the difference and leave it alone.




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