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Dr Oz said this morning that chicken we eat will soon be shipped to China to be processed then be shipped back to US .

What ya think ?

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Dr Oz said it was politics and cheep cost was why .

Well I don't eat chicken anyway.  My father wouldn't eat it either.

I know it is to save money and I guess stores can label if the chicken was processed in the usa, but they don't have to label if it's processed in China.  I don't eat meat, if I have to buy it for the family I get it all from Whole Foods.

if you look back some months ago i put up a post about china buyin smithfield .. and at the same time i also put up pics of all these pigs ( thousands of them .. nobody knows the exact number so if china says a thousand its probably 20 thousand ) and they were all dead floatin down the river .. they had to send these barges out to scoop em outta the water cause they were stinkin up the city .. i mean lottsa dead pigs .. all over the place .. so .. anybody think they'll have better luck with chickens ?? 

funny but it all tastes like chinese.....

and the pigs contaminated the water supply so badly they had deaths from it...so much for the 'we don't need no epa' huh?

Not sure what is meant by processed ....killing the chickens, chopping them up, injecting them with salt water, making nuggets?
Publix butchers their own meat and it's not frozen. I assume they mean the pre packed frozen stuff from the big meat packers.

the deal on the chicken is that, as i read about it, it was going to be converting live chickens to chicken nuggets. i think chicken nuggets would be off my list. hard to see how a company can take in 100 pounds of live animal and ship out 150 pounds after processing...just what are the secret ingredients?

course we might point out the 1.8 million pound recall of ground beef that we just had about 2 weeks ago from a domestic processor....we really do depend on the ethics and integrity of businesses. there just can't be enough inspectors to prevent abuse and fraud in any industry. seems like we are losing that fight tho (as in gm not recalling vehicles etc)

Chicken nuggets were always off my list. As a matter of fact I only eat bone in chicken. It is hard to fake that but I am sure somebody is working on it.




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