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Man questions $3,000 Comcast bill.

When a cable company customer found himself facing a massive bill, he turned to Channel 4 for help.

Adrian Fraim was happy with his Comcast internet service and wanted to take it with him when he moved.

"The service was great," Fraim said.

But that's when the trouble started. He was billed nearly $3,000 for a service he couldn't get.

Fraim works from home as a graphic artist and web designer.

"Working for yourself, you don't make a whole lot of money," Fraim said.

Fraim said he was shocked when he recently moved from Antioch to Clarksville. He received a bill from Comcast for $2,789 to cancel his service.

"I was just blown away," he said. "That's way too much money for somebody like me to be able to pay."

Fraim wanted to change his service to his new address in Clarksville. He said a customer service representative told him it would be hooked up at his new house, but Fraim said the technician never showed.

When Fraim called Comcast, he said he was told Comcast doesn't provide service where he lives.

Fraim had business class service through Comcast. They told him he had a three-year contract. Because he was canceling early, he had to pay an early termination fee.

"They kept telling me the same thing," Fraim said. "'You're under contract, that's what the contract says.'"

Some consumers may not realize they're signing the contract because the details are all online.

"It has some fine print that says, 'You agree to the terms and services on our website,'" Fraim said.

The website does spell out the early termination clause. Fraim said he understands, but he wasn't looking to cancel.

"I didn't think that was fair, to pay an early termination fee, because I wanted to keep their service," Fraim said. "And due to them not offering it in my area, I feel like I was being punished because they don't offer the service here."

Channel 4 contacted Comcast. Spokesman Alex Horwitz said Comcast does have early termination fees, but because of the extenuating circumstances, "the new location is not serviceable by Comcast," they will waive the fee.

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I read about that in the local paper this morning. Very near here.

Oh, big hearted they are waive the fee.  I used to work for a health spa ( gym).  When people wanted to cancel their contracts because a facility closed down, or whatever, I had to tell them they couldn't--that there was a gym 25 miles away they could go to--that the contract was unbreakable. If they got sick, I still couldn't let them cancel. I would give them a leave of absence for a specific period of time, but that was all I could do. 

Needless to say, I could not do that job, almost got fired because of it, but they switched me into another position, accounts receivable, where I just kept the books on memberships and commissions, etc.

There are a couple of TV stations here that you can contact for consumer type issues similar to this....seems around here lots of folks have issues with cell phone service...the phone works fine till they move and then the service gets shitty and they have a contract....and the cell service says too bad, but they don't like the publicity so they make exceptions.

I at one time had at one time had AT&T for my cell . Always had good service . That was till I moved here . I was on the edge of service area . I called them and after about an hour complaining they let me out of my contract . With the Obama phone service was the same till I bought a different tracphone . Haven' to missed a call yet . 

you always have to be careful what you sign when it comes to contracts .. comcast is the worst .. can't really say anything about cell phones , but i have heard of gyms doin that shit .. and that would really piss me off if they told me they had another gym only 25 miles away so i could go there .. who the hell is gonna drive 50 miles round trip to use a gym ?? if they close the gym near me that i joined i'd let them sue me .. and good luck to em too.. 




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